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    i need a graphics card for my laptop

    by BabyTeanofred ·


    so i do not know anything about computers and how they are made so this has been a very confusing process for me and i need help. i got my computer a year ago from sam’s club (don’t ask, I’m aware this was not wise) and even though it is crap, it is my first real pc after gaming on $400 lap tops my entire childhood. its an hp envy with integrated graphics and I’m just trying to figure out if i can put a graphics card in it, what type it will accept, and if the pci slot is even functionable. from my “research” i downloaded cpu-z and it is saying my graphic interface has a link width of x0 and a max supported of x0. i do not know what this means but someone said something abt it being defective and that would certainly not be good. if u guys need more info to give me a better answer pls don’t hesitate to ask

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      Re: graphic card

      by kees_b ·

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      It’s quite uncommon for a laptop to offer the option to install a graphic card. There’s simply no space inside.

      So you have to use something external. The better, bigger and more expensive ones connect to a dock, the cheaper ones connect to some USB-port. So you need to know how good/fast/powerful the card should be to play the games you want and if HP has a dock for your envy. But it could very well be there is no solution that meets your requirements.

      Find a local computer shop to discuss your situation. They can tell you if there’s a feasible solution for what you want and then sell it to you.

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        Reply To: i need a graphics card for my laptop

        by birdmantd ·

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        As per the last part of the prior response, never forget that a feasible solution is often determined by the price involved.

        For example, if an external solution is going to cost more than $xxx,xx, then it might be cheaper and more effective to buy a new laptop.

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      Have to write no.

      by rproffitt ·

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      There is no 400 dollar laptop made that supports adding a graphics card.

      But if it’s gaming you want for around that price you need to look at the usual Sony and Microsoft PS and Xbox machines.

      Yes, I’ve seen gaming on the cloud but after seeing it, it appears to be a dead end for most.

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