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    I need a Job


    by mm.maverick ·

    I am a honest hardworking individual with IT consulting, IT Management, BPO Managment and a Management Masters Degree.

    Willing to Rellocate on my own cost.

    I am willing to post my CV via email on request.

    Look forward to hearing from anybody who is looking for skillset of my callibre and suggestion are welcome ofcourse.



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      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to I need a Job

      Might help to know where you are located, where you would like to move, what’s you area of subject matter expertise, etc.

      I’d advise you to use the DICE website as a good source for positions by area searches.

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      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to I need a Job

      Bfilmfan is right but you need to tell more about yourself and do not sound like you will take any thing. Because that is what you will get! I tried that and took jobs from hell, that just hurts your rep. and will not help your resume. You need to look at job sites and the resume’s there and use them to update your resume. From your post I assume you are looking for a managers position. Unless you already have a few years Experience in the field I would not say that I am looking to fill that type of job. There are alot of jobs where you can be a level 2 or be a second contact. It is a good start and a great learning Experience, I have jumped from one job to a higher paying job this way. I live in the St. Louis area and there are alot of new IT jobs that are opening up here.

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      by the admiral ·

      In reply to I need a Job

      It may be time to take your resume and self to a salon and have some rework done.

      I say this because many of us have the same boring resume and it catches the eye of no one. When we press out a resume there are things that we need to desperately consider when they hit the desk of a perspective employer: 1. How is it different from every one else’s resume in that it stands out from the others? 2. Is the experience that I put down related to the degree that I have or for that matter the job that I am applying for? 3. Is my resume a generalized resume that has every last thing I have ever done in it?

      There are plenty of groups that can take the data that you provide and make a fantastic marketing slick from that information. Remember, when you are in the job MARKET you are MARKETING YOURSELF, so you have to approach it as a salesman rather than a perspective employee.

      After your resume gets a new doo, it might be time to look at yourself in the mirror and think about appearances as well. If you are going to go for a management position and you look like you have worked in non-management positions, you may be sabotaging yourself. So wear what is appropriate for the position (management – shirt & tie), director (very nicely done business suit), etc, and you will find a larger than life career makeover.

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