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I Need A Nerd!

By Worthington133333 ·
For actual, NERD like work.

It???s a story which will share in full. Basically, there are well over 50 positive references about me on the internet and I govern more than 10 websites.

However, there is one negative I cannot seem to bury.

I???ve talked to Google (Useless) and I attempted to sue the owner of the reference, but, she seems to be protected by the first amendment.

I will share with you the dozens of things I???ve done to date, all of which have failed.

My hope and PRAYER is that you can easily help me resolve the matter with your technical prowess.

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Losing battle - Edited

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I Need A Nerd!

There are services that can clean up your cyber-tracks, but in these hyper-connected times you're not going to be able to prevent people from posting their opinions. Why worry about one out of 50?

Edited - I got slammed pretty badly here once. A well-intended fellow member flagged the hostile post as spam. I asked the PTBs to leave it up; I felt it said more about the poster than about me.

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But I promised not to do it again

by JamesRL In reply to Losing battle - Edited

After Mae threatened me with her shovel.

I agree. You know the best you can hope for is not having every client or everyone you know on the net love and respect you, but having the ones who matter, the ones' who's opinion you respect, respect you.

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As Palmetto said

by Slayer_ In reply to I Need A Nerd!

Why worry, in any interview, if it was brought up, you could explain it.
I'd rather hire someone that can fix their mistakes, rather than can cover them up.

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This happens all the time.

by seanferd In reply to I Need A Nerd!

You can't make something go away just because you do not like it. You can bring suit if this "thing" a factual lie, but opinions are free.

If you do not feel that the positive references outweigh the negative one, work harder on gaining more positive references. Suing people who say things you don't like will not achieve this, but quite the opposite.

This is not, in any way, a technical problem.

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My thoughts

by JamesRL In reply to I Need A Nerd!

I've been involved in politics for decades. Some of my oldest friends in politics ended up in the public relations world.

What they would tell you is not to fight it. The more you fight it, the more others will pay attention to it. You would be much better off doing a great job with the 50 positive references you have, and finding someone to be 51 than fighting one person whose opinion you may never be able to change.

The more you fixate on it, the more others will pay attention to it, and some of those people may see it her way. You don't want that.

Go forward. Wow some clients, get some great references, and don't look back.

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