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i need a software

By pc4sa ·
Q I need software that allows me to share files with my friends. For example I can make a specific folder for the sharing and it's also it should be secure

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Microsoft Windows

by house In reply to i need a software

You'll have better luck posting your question in the "Technical Q&A" section.

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Microsoft Windows

by bob_steel In reply to Microsoft Windows

Windows is a software to allow you to share all of your files with everyone everywhere - wether they're friends or not

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Server with authentication methods

by house In reply to Microsoft Windows

Not with proper authentication in place. Run a server.

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Network Operating Systems

by BFilmFan In reply to i need a software

I recommend the following:

Windows 2003

All of the above offer secure network sharing of folders.

Was this a serious question?

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you didn't understand my Q here is it with a diffrent way

by pc4sa In reply to i need a software

I think you didn't quiet understand me guys ? OK let me reform the question

I need software that allows me to share files it's like DC++ but I need it like this

If me and my group had the software no one else and we use each ones IP to connect to each other then I can send or receive files from the other side
Let's say it's going to be a network over the internet not a local network ? it's if I hade friends in many different countries ? got it guys?

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Ask nicely

by JamesRL In reply to you didn't understand my ...

Your question was not clear. I understand that English may not be your first language, but understand that unless you are clear in your request, its difficult to help.

File Transfer Protocol - FTP software will allow you to do what you want to do. It works on IP networks, including the internet. Its simple.

There are many freeware FTP clients and servers. You can and should set up IDs and passwords. If you have static IP addresses of course its much easier.


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thank you

by pc4sa In reply to Ask nicely

ohh... i didn't mean to be rude with my question ... so, i'm sorry ... and thanks guys for your help

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by house In reply to Ask nicely

FTP clients are definitely the way to go. Just wanted to be a little bit general - plus a touch of humour doesn't hurt.

He could request a static IP from his ISP, but he might need to pay for a commercial service. We have problems with people who try to swing "residential" when we know very well what they are up to.

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