I need a way to filter internet content in Linux

By jbiohaz ·
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a way to only allow a white list of internet sites for my office. Upper management has given me a green light to test Linux (any distro) on some work computers, but the one condition is that we need to have a good internet filter (users tend to use the internet for non office related tasks...). First I need to set up a couple of Linux boxes. I'm somewhat new to Linux, but I have enough skills to not be totally clueless on what I'm doing.

Thanks in advance.

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by NormH3 In reply to I need a way to filter in ...

You might consider IPCOP. It is a linux based firewall that can be installed on a Pentium III, is versatile and FREE. It is fairly easy to install, configure and manage.

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Proxy server

by t34.mod.85 In reply to I need a way to filter in ...

Hello jbiohaz ...

Well i have the same task here at my job. So because I'm using Ubuntu Linux distro, i decided to use Squid ( proxy server.
The basic thing is, you setup a proxy server ( i recommend to use webmin ( ) and setup a proxy on client's computers browsers...

I't simple as that...

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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Thanks for the heads up

by jbiohaz In reply to I need a way to filter in ...

I'm currently flirting with Ubuntu, Suse and Mandriva... I'll try out your suggestions on all of them. The final distro and filter will be based on which distro looks to be less confusing to endusers.

I really appreciate your help on this...

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Mandriva includes

by Jaqui In reply to Thanks for the heads up

"Parental Controls" in their Drak Xtools.

install and configure one system, create an auto-install floppy and copy the config to thumb drive, run the auto-install on every system you need to, and copy the config from the thumb drive to the new systems.

much simpler than installing, configuring, using draklive to make a livecd with draklive-install on it and install your "customised" distro from livecd.

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by email In reply to I need a way to filter in ...

Check out SmoothWall

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