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I need advice and opinion

By Fvazquez ·
I am a 26 years old person who is starting (in some ways) in the IT industry but I don?t think am really going in the right direction. I started 3 years ago that time I was studying business administration as the time was running I was getting moreand more interested by the way technology was working and I started with a help o a good friend to make web pages and web development. I started my own web designing and developing company witch was not really a good idea so I quit the business andcontinue to experimenting with other possibilities by that time I change my major in my collage from business administration to information technology. Then I realize that the best choice for me it is getting more experience in my area so I got my current jog by the help of a good friend who is actually my boss today. I took three weeks ago the MCP certification and am learning Unix and Linux and also considering to get A+ and N+ cert. I have a very clear vision of what I want but am getting confused by the stories am reading here about the certifications and how they are consider in the market. This is my last year in college so am going to get my degree soon. This is my real problem I have some experience (three years in different areasbut experience but I can?t find a job here in my town because I don?t have my degree yet and employers didn?t gave me at least a opportunity to start as a entry level status. My current job is, as a data entry and I don?t have a good expectations off growing in the company am working because is not a technology oriented company.
What do you guys think I have to do to be successful?
What should I consider in trainings or certifications terms?
Tell me the best you can in a way to be a better professional?

P. S. I?m not really interested in programming my major interest is in network administration. I?m certified in W2K Server?

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Set goals that force you to achieve

by Kevinl802.11 In reply to I need advice and opinion

You sound very interested in IT but I feel your goals are too undefined. You have to decide where you want to start. Do you want a job as a network tech pulling cables or would you prefer working on IT projects and in design? One great way to break into IT in the Project Management or Network Design fields is to go to work for someone selling IT services and hardware. This is the best way in my opinion if you have trouble finding the right job at the right company. I have worked in IT related sales as an Sales Engineer for 15 years working with small resellers and major corporations like Motorola where I was a Product Applications Engineer for four years. I now work for a smaller maker of wireless data networking systems and rugged computers who has a great presence in satallite and terestrial based wireless networking. I enjoy the pay and the freedom of this field. Many people have found great jobs in traditional IT roles by impressing their clients through their sales efforts. I do not mean that you have to be a sales guy. I am not and have never been on commission. I support the sales efforts by designing 802.11 based enterprise data collection and ERP software support systems for customers of many sizes. My customers are primarily Fortune 100 - 500 with multi state and nation operations.

Decide what you like doing then try to find the company that will best get you there. Do not give up on programming try to maitain some skills as you will find you needthem at certain points in your IT career. Try to speciallize in one area It but keep current in as many areas of IT as you can. It is not the degree that gets you the job just the interview. The skill set is what they want. I am not degreed and make a good living well above the average for IT.

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