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    I need advice on choosing an ubuntu or windows server


    by hieutcdaica ·

    A developer friend and I argued that the Ubuntu server would be more secure than the Windows server, however, I think that for simple websites without many complications such as Payment, shopping cart, etc., using Windows is enough.
    My friend and I are developing a video download website. I think the current Windows server is relatively well-secured, am I wrong?

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      Re: server

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to I need advice on choosing an ubuntu or windows server

      Are you going to host your site yourself? Or will you do it via a hosting company, using a shared server, or even a dedicated server?

      If you say “Windows”, do you plan to use “IIS” or “Apache”? And what version of Windows: 11 or Server?

      Is “safety” the only factor you consider? How about costs?

      Anyway, using Linux is the common way to do it.

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      I think this topic is very interesting.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to I need advice on choosing an ubuntu or windows server

      Let’s read

      My advice is if you run IIS as in YOU maintain the server then YOU have to keep on top of what patches and more are required. I find that many web masters are lazy and don’t update till they see failures or are hacked.

      This also applies to Linux based servers. Let’s check out Apache’s recent patches:

      Again, lots of fixes even last month.

      Frankly, if you don’t need a server, don’t put one up just for the fun of it. (It’s not fun.)
      But if you want to do this for home use, go with what’s easy and meets your needs.

      TL;DR; Neither are absolutely secure.

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      I need advice on choosing an ubuntu or windows server

      by info.modcarparking ·

      In reply to I need advice on choosing an ubuntu or windows server

      Both Ubuntu and Windows servers can be secure with proper configuration. For simple websites without complex features, either OS is suitable. Security depends on how well you maintain and configure your server, regardless of the operating system.

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      Here’s a breakdown to help you make an informed decision

      by hhcmaytinh ·

      In reply to I need advice on choosing an ubuntu or windows server

      Choosing between Ubuntu and Windows Server depends on various factors specific to your needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown to help you make an informed decision:

      Ubuntu Server:


      Cost-effective: Free and open-source, eliminating licensing fees.
      Highly customizable: Offers greater flexibility and control over configurations.
      Performance: Often known for being lightweight and efficient, leading to potentially faster performance on lower-resource hardware.
      Security: Strong community focus on security updates and patches.


      Learning curve: May require more technical knowledge to manage compared to Windows Server if you’re not familiar with Linux.
      Software compatibility: Certain applications might not be available for Linux, or require additional configuration.
      Limited graphical interface: Primarily command-line based, although graphical tools are available.

      Windows Server:


      User-friendly: Familiar interface for Windows users, easier to manage for individuals with less technical expertise.
      Software compatibility: Wider range of applications available, especially for Microsoft products.
      Graphical interface: Windows Server comes with a fully featured graphical interface for easier management.
      Active Directory integration: Seamless integration with other Microsoft products within your network.


      Cost: Requires purchasing licenses, adding to the overall cost of ownership.
      Less customizable: Offers less flexibility in configuration compared to Ubuntu Server.
      Security: While secure, might require more proactive management compared to the community-driven updates of Ubuntu.

      Additional considerations:

      Your technical expertise: If you’re comfortable with Linux, Ubuntu might be a good choice. If you prefer a familiar interface and ease of use, Windows Server might be better.
      Existing infrastructure: If you already use other Microsoft products within your network, Windows Server might offer better integration.
      Specific software needs: Make sure the server OS supports the applications you plan to use.

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      Reply To: I need advice on choosing an ubuntu or windows server

      by akbarkhanblloch28 ·

      In reply to I need advice on choosing an ubuntu or windows server

      It’s true that Ubuntu Server generally has a reputation for being more secure than Windows Server due to several factors:

      Security Model: Linux (the core of Ubuntu) has a more robust access control system, where individual users are assigned specific permissions, limiting potential damage from attacks. Windows employs a simpler user/administrator model, making it easier for attackers to gain elevated privileges.

      Open-Source vs. Closed-Source: Open-source nature of Linux allows for community scrutiny and collaboration in identifying and fixing vulnerabilities. Closed-source nature of Windows makes it harder to identify and patch vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them.

      Package Management: Ubuntu’s package management system ensures updates are applied centrally, addressing security vulnerabilities promptly. Windows updates have been criticized for slow rollout and less consistent patching.

      However, your statement also holds merit:

      Simple Websites & Security: For simple websites without complex features like payments or user accounts, the additional security benefits of Ubuntu may not be as crucial. A well-configured Windows server can be secure enough for such basic sites.

      Focus on Specific Vulnerabilities: It’s essential to identify the specific security risks associated with your video download website, such as potential file uploads or user-uploaded content. Address those vulnerabilities directly, regardless of the chosen platform.

      Other Factors: Consider factors like your personal expertise, software ecosystem compatibility, and hosting provider support when deciding between Ubuntu and Windows Server.

      Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here’s a summary:

      For enhanced security from the ground up and greater control over the system, consider Ubuntu Server.
      For basic websites without complex features and familiarity with Windows, a well-configured Windows Server might be sufficient.

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      Ubuntu vs Windows server

      by MilesWeb679 ·

      In reply to I need advice on choosing an ubuntu or windows server

      Ubuntu is the part of Linux Kernel distribution. It is an operating system that is installed on the Linux servers. Windows servers support only ASP.NET framework.
      Linux servers are popular because users only have to execute particular commands to accomplish the operation. Below we have mentioned some of its benefits.

      • No additional licensing fee as the operating system is free.
      • More reliable – it rarely experiences malware, cyber threats, or other security errors.
      • Not demanding on the client hardware and lower resource consumption.
      • Due to its low infrastructure requirements, it shows excellent performance rates.

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