i need an audio driver

By little terry ·
I can't get any sound off of my computer after paying someone to fix it for another problem. my computer says it has no audio device.I've tried driver detective and other programs that are suposed to help with no luck. can someone PLEASE HELP ME ! I have a gateway microsoft windowsxp home edition with SP2. intel celeron m processor 360 model # mx6027. for audio/video it says intel extrme 2 graphics 32 mb shared video memory.

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I think a LOT more details on the system specification,

by Deadly Ernest In reply to i need an audio driver

especially the audio aspect (not the graphics) are really needed before anyone can truly answer this question.

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reply to deadly ernest

by little terry In reply to I think a LOT more detail ...

I don't know much about computer. Where would I find this info?

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The most common place is from the specs part of

by Deadly Ernest In reply to reply to deadly ernest

the manual the unit came with. Apart from that it can usually be done by looking at the motherboard - but only if you really know what you're looking for. On a few of my motherboards I have to check the hardware to see if the audio chip is a SiS 950 or a SiS 930 series chip and similar type things.

Apart from that you can go to the device drivers area and remove all sound drivers and reboot the system, then ask Windows to find new devices, it should find it and ask you to install, usually identifying the correct unit and asking you for the driver.

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Seriously. Drivers at links above (nt)

by seanferd In reply to You didn't try gateway?
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If it was me.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to i need an audio driver

I'd take it back to where you had it 'fixed' and tell them to fix it again. They obviously missed something.

Besides that, the obvious next question is 'What kind of problem did you have before you took it to the shop'?

And, have you looked in the device manager to see if there's any kind of device showing up with a yellow exclamation point next to it? Anything with a red X next to it? If the device isn't being detected, it may well be dead.

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reply to thumbsup2

by little terry In reply to If it was me.....

There is no hope of going back to jr computers.I took it in because i wanted more ram or what ever to make it faster.ron(the owner) said i had a virus and he would take care of it. When i went to pick up my computer (after a month) he told me he cleaned the hard drive,I know some part of my laptop was taken out and sent somewhere (I think it was the hard drive) thats all he did as far as i know. I waited till i had my computer in my hands before i told him i was unhappy. he called me a f-ing crack head and said all kinds of nasty stuff to me I latter reported him to the BBB.when I got home i could not conect to the internet. I gave my computer to a friend of my dads.( after paying 325.00 i did not want to spend any more) my dads friend got all most everything working. He said he could not fix the sound.so i gave the computer to my mom and got her dail up. When i tried to set it up it said i had no modem.
yes i have looked in the device manager. there are no red x's. the multimedia audio controller has a yellow ! by it. my modem dose not have anything by it. When i go into sounds and aidio device propertys under audio it says it uses modem #2 line play back. under midi music play back(I don't know what that is)no device. when i go into computers sound hardware it says the driver for multimedia audio controller properties are not installed, code 28. when i go under sounds and audio device it says no audio device

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You need drivers........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to reply to thumbsup2

If you've got a yellow ! by the multimedia audio, you obviously need to install the drivers. I'd also be willing to bet there are other devices which need drivers. One of the posts above here had a link to where all those drivers are located. There should also be instructions on how to download and install those drivers.

But, if you don't know what you're doing, or perhaps you're afraid to try it yourself, you should take it to a 'reputable' PC repair shop and have them do it for you. Yes, it's going to cost you more to have it repaired, but perhaps they'll be willing to teach you how to solve this problem the next time it happens, because it WILL happen again at some point in the future.

After all, many of us started like that. We were tired of having to pay someone to fix something, so we started learning how to do it ourselves. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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what is the Intel motherboard model.

by sekhar3047 In reply to i need an audio driver

First try to figureout the Model no of the motherboard(which is written on Motherdoard).Go to Intel website abd you can find all drivers for that particular model in intel website

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