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I need an information / budget estimation question (Laravel)

By lisehoovercoach ·
Hello everyone, I need help.
There is a website apeez.fr that has been half developed and I would like to know the real budget estimation for the work that has been done. I precise I'm not a developer, and I'm not directly the client. The developer stopped developing, and the price was a special price, and I would like to know the REAL rough estimation budget through occidental standard for what has been done.
The website :

What was done:
- Marketplace theme Laravel, responsive, FR and EN
- Possibility for users to create types of profile accounts: 1 as a a creator and 1 as a participant
- Creation of the categories/disciplines
- Admin backend creation to delete or modify the role of users and content

Could someone tell me a rough price of the budget used to do this half-work?

Thank you!

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Not possible.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I need an information / b ...

Your description is not enough for any company I know to propose a budget.

It's enough to start a discussion and flush out the requirements document and start an estimate but not yet.

Then again you will find small or one-person shops willing to take on such but with the usual risks of non-completion or missing the agreed on price.

Time to contact development companies in your area to see how much this will cost.

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