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    I need direction


    by malosa ·

    I want to start training our users on Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Can anyone suggest a good certification for this? I’ve found a lot of MS certs but I still would like more suggestions.

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      by luyasu ·

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      by timwalsh ·

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      While there is no certification required to teach any of these subjects to your users, you might consider the following from the standpoint of establishing your credibility as a subject matter expert on the subjects you teach as well as being a certified instructor:

      One of these two will help establish your credentials as a qualified instructor:

      Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) – qualified instructors who are certified by Microsoft to deliver Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) and MSDN?training courses. The key here is the use of the MOC.

      If you are are developing your own curriculum, you might look at the Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification from CompTIA.

      This will help establish your credentials as a subject matter expert:

      Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) There are three levels of certification under the MOS: Core, Expert, and Master. The Core Certification requires you to pass an exam on a specific office product (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook). The Expert CErtification is available for Word and Excel. The Master Certification requires you to pass exams on ALL five Core subjects.

      Hope this helps.

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        by malosa ·

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        Thanks! This is great info! I had looked at the core, expert, and master certs. I was so bummed to find that they require Access as well. I don’t know access, I don’t want to know access and I certainly don’t want to teach it.

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      by ghstinshll ·

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      MOS is the way to go to show you have the skills to teach this… Element K (formerly Ziff Davis publishing) has great courseware that my former office used to teach other company’s employees about the apps. They’re so well written I was even able to read a manual the night before and highlight things, then teach them on the fly (level 1 & 2 classes) with a little prep time when needed. Since I was the young net admin and just a power user, that tells you something. You can research the manualsat I believe. The manuals were about 17 dollars each if I remember correctly.

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        by professional_pcs ·

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        MOUS: Microsoft office user specialist would be a great training solution for your employees.
        This offers training in all the applications you had mentioned.

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          MOUS is now MOS

          by ghstinshll ·

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          MOUS is now MOS

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