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I Need Good Network AntiVirus Software

By thedrummer2006 ·
I am a network administrator who hasnt been in the field for a long time. I have been dealing with quite a few problems when trying to find good antivirus software.

Can anyone give me some tips or leads to some good software based on personal experience?

I need antivirus and antispyware that is designed to be managed across a network that doesnt suck all of my bandwidth down trying to download updates all day long.

Any help is much appreciated.

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by BFilmFan In reply to I Need Good Network AntiV ...

Install Symantec and have the clients pull it for a distribution server.

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re: Symantec

by The Ice Man In reply to Symantec

Having used Symantec's corporate edition for my personal network for a number of years, I had to move away from from it this year as it started to fail to protect my computers from a few virus's. A couple even got on the server and it couldn't remove them. I've moved to Grisofts AVG solution for my personal network.

At work we use Trend Mircro's Anti-virus solution. I have not seen any problems with it so far. Like Symantec's the client software is pushed to the clients from a distribution server.

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Symantec AV or Trend

by jtakiwi In reply to I Need Good Network AntiV ...

I run Symantec av Corporate or Enterprise Edition (adds email scanning on the email server) on about 45 customer networks. Other than upgrading every year or so, it just generally works. Trend micro seems to be pretty effective as well. Both are pretty easy choices, I don't feel other products come close, considering managability, ease of installation, support (although Symantec seems to take a long time to answer the phone), definition updates etc... My prefered method is to combine Symantec Corporate Edition and a third party anti-spam/Anti Virus email filter, that way, the crap doesn't even hit the internal email server, the third party hosting it (I use app river for about 65 email domains) strips off the junk. Works great.

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