I need Hard drive installation advise.

By michael.tocci ·
I am installing a new 500GB SATA drive into my computer which will replace a 60GB EIDE hard drive. I need advise on how to carry out this operation concerning moving the data and OS over to the new hard drive.
I am a student and the school has a software special with Microsoft so that I can upgrade to Vista, maybe I install the new hard drive as , install Vista to the drive, copy all the programs and files over to and then pull the old hard drive out, and rename to C:. Can I do that?
If you could point me to any instructions I know I can carry them out.

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Install the SATA and use Vista as the OS

by ComputerCookie In reply to I need Hard drive install ...

then connect the IDE as a slave and access your data, if you have any further questions post back.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Install the SATA and use ...


The above advic ewill get you a Vista machine, but you cannot copy your programs across, they need to be installed.

Going from IDE to SATA, you can't even image the disk across because of the different disk drivers.


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How large of a partition would you recommend?

by michael.tocci In reply to Install the SATA and use ...

How large of a partition would you recommend that I put on the SATA drive for the Vista OS?
Another question; I understand that I can't migrate the data from my old drive to the new one, but will I be able to restore the data from a backup?

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If your school has an upgrade license

by tintoman In reply to I need Hard drive install ...

for vista you will NOT be able to clean install vista on your new drive.
In order to upgrade you must have a legacy operating system installed already like windows xp or windows 2000.
The way to do this is to image your original hard drive, then copy the image to your new drive, install the drive and then upgrade to vista.

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I may not be able to do that.

by michael.tocci In reply to If your school has an upg ...

From what I understand from other posts, because I am going from an EIDE to a SATA, I won't be able to copy files over.
What I'm planning to try is installing the SATA, giving it one partition large enough to accommodate the Vista OS and a second or third taking up the rest of the drive, upgrade the OS onto the new hard drive, backup the old hard drive, remove the old drive, restore the backup to the second partition on the new drive. Does that make sense?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to I may not be able to do t ...

will be able to transfer data from the old drive to the new one. You will not be able to copy installed software as it will not work. EG: Microsoft Office. Data means the files in MY Documents or any Folder that you have created that you will want to keep.

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Hard drive installation

by tushar.k In reply to I need Hard drive install ...

Hello micheal, first you connect sata hdd to your pc and check it will be detect or not, if it is detect so u can use disk managemwnt utility in windows & create partitions as u will replace the hdd. Then take backup ur old hdd & after u will insert 500 gb sata hdd and istall windows vista.

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