i need help

By shadow_1981 ·
hi there, if some one can help me, i have notebok dell latitude c 640, how can i remove bios password, i try with months but i cand fixet , please help

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by david.wallis In reply to i need help

you need to contact dell , we cant help with passwords :)

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Sorry, Mack

by Inky960 In reply to i need help

We don't give help with cracking BIOS passwords, or any other passwords. Very sorry.


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Stupid move. Now you're on THE shh!t list!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Sorry, Mack

We do NOT provide password help of any kind here at TR. Especially NOT the BIOS cracking type.

Now you've gotten yourself put on the Shh!t List.

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Well sh!!!!!t, I'm sorry.

by Inky960 In reply to Stupid move. Now you're ...

Gee Mr. Thumbs, I apologize -- but couldn't you have said something like, "Whoa, Inky, I see you're new here and probably were just trying to help, but don't EVER provide password help to anybody!" ??

Why not just take down the post? Would that have robbed you of an opportunity to call what I did "stupid" - thus compensating for whatever it is about you that's so painfully lacking? I see now that giving password help isn't good, but you didn't have to be childishly rude about it. Unless you *are* a child, and hopelessly rude. In that case, I apologize again. I make mistakes all the time. I'd had a very rough day -- ever had one? Try some kindness; you'll be amazed at how much better it works than the approach you took here.

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