I need help...

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Ok, I dont know much about this system. My uncle passed away on Sunday Dec. 2. He had a system that was RAID (not sure what version 0,1,2,3,4). When I turn the system on it asks for a password for the Administrator account. **EDIT** The system is Windows XP Pro (not sure about SP as I cannot get on )

We are trying to figure out when the last time he used his computer (he was found dead in his apartment we do not know how long he had been dead, the coroner wants to rule out foul play as nothing shows foul play so they are calling is a natural cause) but we as a family want to know when he passed away.

Ok so here is what I have found out about the system.

It is RAID it has 5 HDD and 4CD drives. When I start the computer it shows all the checks of the raid and Primary Channel and so forth. I thought I could go into the BIOS and change the startup device but it does not list any of the CD roms. It does show it as an option to change it but when enter the section it only gives me Disabled and None. I need help either changing, aquiring or deleting the password to get into the system. I have tried several methods gone as far as trying to boot from USB. Can anyone give me and ideas on how to get into the system. I cannot seem to access the files and do not want to take the hard drive out as I do not want to destroy the raid, do not know what he had on there .

Thank you in advance and sorry it is so jumbled it has been a rough couple of days

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Please help

by admin In reply to I need help...

this is to bump my post up sorry if it is not allowed but I am in a bind :-/

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Bumped it up coz he got bumped off ?...

by Old Mycroft's younger brother In reply to Please help

Odd that he managed to shut-down before he shutdown!

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He himself did not

by admin In reply to Bumped it up coz he got b ...

My brother in law went to the apartment to get any valuable items out before they could be stolen didnt think about the password and took the computer out.

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I fail to see how the Windows Event Viewer will -

by Old Mycroft's younger brother In reply to I need help...

List your Uncle's 'time of departure'.

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It will give us an idea as to what he was doing when he passed

by admin In reply to I fail to see how the Win ...

He had cerosis (spelling) of the liver. We do not know when he died and the coroner will not do an autopsy as they are calling is a natural cause of death. All we know is that he was found dead in his apartment on Sunday at about 10pm by the local police. What do I have to prove to this site to get help.

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And we trust you because.....

by JamesRL In reply to I need help...

We don't know you. You signed up to ask a question.

We gets dozens of requests a week, generally from less articulate individuals, asking for similar assistance. We know that from the number of these, some of them, perhaps even the majority are trying to crack a system that was stolen, or hack their way into their friends system, or otherwise break in.

How we tell who is legit and who isn't? We dont' try to, its a guessing game at best.

My advice would be to find a local consultant who can help you.

Since the computer wasn't on, you have no idea from the compter when he died, only the last time he used his computer.

The coroner on the other hand has other ways. Dead bodies go through stages and if he knows the temperature of the room, he can make a pretty good estimate of when the event happened.

So why does it matter when he last used the computer? He could have shut it down and not used it for days. It can say nothing about foul play or not - thats nothing to do with how long he has been dead, thats inspecting the body with an autopsy to determine cause of death.

So no I am not going to tell you how.


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I understand what your saying BUT

by admin In reply to And we trust you because. ...

The coroner is calling it a natrual cause of death there for not performing any testing on it or an autopsy. They gave us an esitmate of 3 days but were not sure.

As for what matters, it does not matter to you but it matters to my family. You just want to be a jerk about things. Why is it so hard to help someone in a time of need? I hope some day your family has to go through the same thing and they get told the same thing. I hope your family has a tough time trying to figure anything out about you as you seem to be a poor soul.

As for most of the people here, I understand they are trying to hack there way in. I could care less what you think this is a personal matter and I came here for help not to be lectured. I am not apart of the majority.

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Again- calm down

by Tig2 In reply to I understand what your sa ...

We see a lot of questions like yours every day.

Take my advice below.Hold your family close. I can't imagine what you are going through.

You CAN force a Coroner's Inquest. But you need to have the autopsy results in hand to do so. They WILL do an autopsy as your Uncle died outside of attending physician's care. It's the law.

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But they wont.

by admin In reply to Again- calm down

There was no sign of foul play and due to his medical history that was given to them they are saying it is natural causes.

And sorry that I am getting upset I am just nerve racked as since we have found out we have had nothing but troubles getting help from anyone.

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by scott_heath In reply to I understand what your sa ...

You seek sympathy by wishing that someone suffers the same grief as you? I've been around a lot of grieving families as my wife has worked with cancer patients and families. Can't say I've ever heard of them wishing the same on anyone, including the bastards who come to the hospital rooms even as people lay dying to remind them that they need to send in some more money.

HINT: This is not a good plan.

ISSUE: Coroner's use very complicated methods to determine the time of death. I have a hard time believing they couldn't get closer.

IDEA: Pay for a private autopsy.

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