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I need help

By ssspssy ·
about a month ago my pc was running rather slow so i found an ad in the paper for pc's for 100.00 so i called and explained what was going on with my pc and the guy said for me to bring it to him and he would build me a way better system in exchange for mine and 40.00 so i did and not a2 weeks later it crashed so i called him up and told him what happened and he said to bring it to him and he would have better one for me and i paid him 20.00 more for more ram and this one is even worse. so now i've paid him 80.00 and gave him my old system and i am very unhappy what do i do? ty in advance and please help. my ph # is 530 365 6174 linda

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by cmiller5400 In reply to I need help

Sorry, sounds like you got scammed. Try and contact the "pc repair" person and tell them you want your money back and your old pc. If not threaten legal action and call the police. It may be you are not the only person that fell for this.

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by ssspssy In reply to

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by jag555 In reply to I need help

I would threaten legal action, or your money back.

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by ssspssy In reply to

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by ewgny In reply to I need help

Posting your telephone number with a username of
hotliltigerhunny is asking for trouble.
You should ask techrepublic to remove it.
Find a friend or relative that is computer savy when you go to get a computer repaired.
Consider purchasing your next computer from a large reputable company. This way you can avoid the little slimey computer shop.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I need help

Well firstly TR doesn't display your e-mail address but you can chose to change things by editing your User Profile so that there is no reference to your actual E-Mail Address. But unless you want to be hit hard by runk phone calls Never Place your Phone Number on a Public Forum as that is what TR is and this could appear anywhere at any time.

Now for your main problemYou've been scammed and there are no two ways about it! What you do from here is entirely up to you and any Consumer Protection Agiency that may be in your area. As TR is a World Wide Forum there are many places that you could be posting from so it's hard to say what exactly it is you should do. By the sounds of things you picked up some Male Ware that was slowing your original system down and it needed removing which is avery common thing to happen. If you originally had a genuine copy of Windows installed and the same product key is on the computer that was replaced you could always contact MS and explain what has happened they are very heavy on Piracy and will act upon complaints though I don't know if this will actually help you in this case but at the very least it will put another Crook out of business.

If you go here you can find the nearest MS Office to make a complaint to

You could always return to the guy and demand your money back and the return of your original computer but I honestly don't think that will do you any good and even if this person claims to be willing you'll never actually be sure that you actually got your original parts back. let alone knowing that it's ben loaded corectly. He may even be installing viri or other proiblems onto the system to get return work. This may be entirely unintentional as well as he could be installing from an infected machine and just passing the problems on.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

To report Pritcy Issues the following URL will be a good starting point.

To tell if you have Geniune MS Product visit here

If you have your original sales reciept it should list the major components of the system that you had and it might be worthwhile comparing that list to the Current System Information in the computer you now have. If it was an off the shelf unit and you know the model and maker you can always look up the specs on their Web Site and then do a compare. It's possible that you still have your original parts with a glossed over Repair though if you had a part way decent system this is unlikely.

Just chalk this one up to experience and get on with your life generally speaking any cheap repair work no matter the field is exactly that Cheap Work that costs you far more than you save. If the deal looks too good to be true then it most likely is.

But at least you don't seem to have lost everything a while ago a potential customer asked for my opinion and when I suggested that he should never return to the place where he had recently purchased his unit from he totally ignored me and when ahead and returned it for repair at which time a copy of his data was taken and slod on to his competitors and he lost everything. As I didn't actually touch his machine I couldn't be held responsible and I just gave the Police a copy of my report when they paid me a visit which very clearly spelt out the risks in dealing with the company that he had bought the unit from. I don't know who that ended up but I know that he was effectively broke without a single customer when the Police Called me for my opinion.


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by ssspssy In reply to I need help

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