I need help accessing the configuration page of my router?

By willard814 ·
I have one network with two routers, router1 Netgear WNR1000 and router2 is a D-Link DIR615 both wireless. The Netgear which is the better of the two routers has been setup to handle Ip addressing for the network and router2 is use to expand my network to the second part of my house which is a dead zone (plaster walls. Both routers have internet access through wired and wireless connectivity. So far so good my wife is happy now that she doesn't have to move around the house to get the best connection. My only problem is that I can't access router 2 the D-Link's Admin configuration page which has now been reduced to a switch. I have no problems accessing the configuration page of the Netgear router1 which is connected directly to my Comcast broadband modem. Am I doing something wrong? The only way I can access the configuration page to router2 is to disconnect ALL connections to the router2.

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You can't connect directly using its LAN IP address?

by seanferd In reply to I need help accessing the ...

I suspect things would be a bit different in passthrough mode, but using the exact IP should work, I'd think. What if you connect with a cable when configuring?

Try looking through the manual for any specific instructions while using it as a passthrough/WAP-only device. Or give us the exact revision so we can have a look.

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No I can't use to connect to Config page.

by willard814 In reply to You can't connect directl ...

I can't bring up the config page wired or wireless unless I disconnect all network wires including the cable going to router1 from router2 then I connect my laptop by Ethernet cable to router2 and whaaalaaa I can bring up the configuration page. So in short I can only connect to router2 after disconnecting all cables and hook up my laptop with a Ethernet cable, that is the only way the page comes up. Weird...

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So, what is the LAN address of the other router?

by seanferd In reply to No I can't use 192.168.0. ...

It isn't the same, is it?

But, if you have a look at the manual, or answer my other question so we could have a look at the correct manual...

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That would be my bet...

by mamies In reply to So, what is the LAN addre ...

I would be trying to change the IP address of that router to something that no other device uses.

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LAN address are as follows

by willard814 In reply to So, what is the LAN addre ...


IP Address
IP Subnet Mask
No DNS server being used


IP Address
IP Subnet Mask
No DNS server being used

The router I have is version C

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humm doesn't sound right to me

by CG IT In reply to LAN address are as follow ...

if you have a workstation behind router 2 on the 192.168.0.X subnet with their default gateway set as router 2s ip address, they should be able to bring up the routers GUI by typing

Even if you have the router configured as a simple routing device and not a gateway [a firewall device].

what you can't do is bring up router 2s GUI if your on subnet 192.168.1.X unless you enable remote management. I believe most consumer level routers remote management is SSL and you have to configure user accounts with password that are allowed remote management capabilities.

However, in your original post, you mention that your second router is basically a switch. Well, no it's not. It's a router. It has a built in switch, but it still performs routing functions, unless your bypassing the routers WAN port [not using it]. If you do that, and assign workstations addresses on routers 1 subnet, then yes, you won't be able to access router 2s gui because hosts are not on the same subnet as the router.

Many consumers make the mistake of buying routers rather than Access Points to extend their wireless capabilities but do not realize that routers are used to create networks [subnets]. Hosts behind routers can not access shared resources on hosts behind other routers because their on seperate subnets. To gain access to hosts on beind another router requires remote access. Users log in to the remote network and obtain an address that allows them to access shared resources.

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Thanks for the help.

by willard814 In reply to humm doesn't sound right ...

So once I set up remote access on router2 would I use to access router2? Is there any other way to access router2 without enabling remote access?

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no you use the ip address of the WAN port on Router 2

by CG IT In reply to Thanks for the help.

after you enable and setup remote management on router 2 see page 61 of the DIR-615 wireless router manual available from DLink, then computers that are on router 1 network can remotely access router 2s GUI.

however, if you configured router 2 as per page 10 of the manual, eg to connect 2 routers together bypassing the WAN port, then to access router 2s WEB GUI, you have to use the ip address you assigned to the router that's on the router 1 subnet.

Example: If router 2s address you assigned is which is an address on router 1s subnet, then you access router 2s GUI using, not the default address 192.168.0.X. You changed that when you changed the routers address to be on router 1s network.

Basically changing router 2s address to be on router 1s network, you made router 2 an Access Point . So you use the address you gave it to access the web GUI.

bottom line is: it's in the manual.

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Access to router2

by gom123 In reply to I need help accessing the ...

My Friend, either u r trying the wrong connection or u r using the same device which responsible for one purpose is to connect with Internet.
Kindly tell me the basic u used.....

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Each time I connect I use an Ethernet cable

by willard814 In reply to Access to router2

Every time I try to access the configuration page on router2 I use an Ethernet connection. The only way that I am able to access the config page is if I disconnect router2 from the LAN.

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