I need help deciding on cloud photo storage - mess

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My PC is quite full and I needed to offload files for space and wanted to move my Photo files into the directory structures that I have been using. I also have some files that are unfiles and are duplicates. I have always had a PHONE folder where I automatically updated pictures from my iphone and filed them in the appropriate folders. I want to be able to keep them on the cloud till I can upgrade my computer.

I started with ONE DRIVE..Ended up with more disk space lost and my photos are inadvertantly checked and unchecked in the same folder, some stored on PC syncing others not. I have photos spread across disk and cloud! tried amazon drive/Amazon photos, they seem to pick where pictures go and the two parts of the app and photos do not seem to refect whats in drive. Tried Google, didnt seem to transfer the folders wanted me to pick pictures to go into a new album. Are there any that I am just not research enough here! OR is there a simple cloud drive that I can use to move my file folders and reorganize my photos as needed, tool to help with duplicates perhaps? Show folders as albums? Alow iphone photos to go into their own folder for filing. I miss when things were simple! Do you have a recommendation based on my situation?
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You Missed Dropbox!

Anyway, As far as I know each of these cloud storage has duplicate file removal in them. I have used the Dropbox duplicate finder to remove duplicates. It works like a charm. I have never experienced syncing issues with dropbox. Are you sure that you are setting up things the right way?

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Large photo storage

by GIA2 In reply to You Missed Dropbox!

Dropbox is great. Works like a file system sync is perfect. Used for docs for years. Didn’t know it had a de dup option. I was looking at all the low cost and free photo storage I have amazon prime. Was disappointed in the Amazon photos and amazon drive lack of coherence. One drive is a mess many flaws. Although I like it for docs. I guess I was hoping for inexpensive logical windows explorer file system and easy viewing capability.

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