I need help getting my old Windows 98 working again.

By vampkat ·
I have a windows 98 at home, the only problem is that my mom was a little messed up in the head when she went into the C: and highlitered everything and hit the DELETE button. Now it will start up but as soon as I as get to the Sign In or log in (which ever you want to call it) it says that it missing impoartan into.
Is there anything i can do?
If not does anyone know where i can download the boot up for a Windows 98?

Please Help

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More information....

by aalvarezj In reply to I need help getting my ol ...

you can exactly send me the message that shows Windows when it tries to enter?
this can help.

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by dawgit In reply to I need help getting my ol ...

But don't give up hope. Besides teaching your Mother Linix, you might have a chance. Is there a Used Soft Ware dealer in your area? (including the internet) That's how I get old MS software & Licences. (The one I use was recomended to me by MS) Or look in Trade Jornals for reputable Software handlers, and contact them. I'll give you the link to [here: ] sorry, it's in German, but I know they speek English, and they do business and ship world wide. (and no, I don't work for them! -just passing on a tip. Good Software dealers are hard to find to deal in out of stock software.)

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Undelete may help

by BigAbe In reply to I need help getting my ol ...

This command is ran from DOS, but be careful, as it should be only used for earlier DOS versions 5.0 through 6.22.

You can get a 98 boot disk from :

Boot to the command prompt:

Type undelete /? this will give you the complete help options for this command.

change directories to the directory with the deleted files. such as c:\my documents and c:\program files and c:\windows

Undelete /all automatically recovers all files specified for that directory.

Again be careful, as this might make things worse for you. The c drive will only have deleted files not in use, so many of the system files may still be intact, but personal files and programs may be lost and still may not work properly even if undelete restores them. You should reinstall 98 if you still have the disk.

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Sorry Guys

by Kiltie In reply to I need help getting my ol ...

I am sceptical here

mom gets on machine, highlights everything, hits delete key?

no way

Apart from the fact that it wouldn't work, there is a confirmation dialogue to go through before deleting, so the scenario that it was done accidently doesn't fit.

Try again, with more correct info.

(It helps being a cynic)

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I Dont THink It will work

by jinteik In reply to Sorry Guys

there is no way u can just hit delete and it will delete your windows there will be a prompt out message saying that windows is using this folder for etc etc....

it goes the same for the format if you are trying to format your C(if windows is here) it will surely stop you or wont allow you to format it...

it will only work if you have dual bootup and you use your 2nd bootup and delete the C:\windows folder...

correct me if i am wrong people

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I agree

by Kiltie In reply to I Dont THink It will work

The problem, as described cannot happen.

There is information missing here.

If we get more details, maybe we can help out.

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Actually you can

by w2ktechman In reply to I Dont THink It will work

In Win 95 and 98, and even NT4, you can delete the system folder, the system will start deleting and then BSOD. Upon reboot you will have various booting problems, from no OS found, to a partial bot as described.

An earlier post mentioned to go to and get a Win 98 boot floppy created. This is good advice.
You will need your Win 98 cd to re-install the OS. Without the cd, you are looking at purchasing a new OS, looking at flea markets for 95/98, or downloading Linux.

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please ignore, got my reply boxes mixed up

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I Dont THink It will work

edited and deleted as I posted the answer to another post here by mistakes, had three open at once and got a vit mixed up, sorry

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Getting old?

by dawgit In reply to please ignore, got my rep ...

It's just one of those signs DE, I have 'em all too .

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You can do some damage this way

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I Dont THink It will work

The delete command would delete the actual files in the C: drive before touching the directories - thus you would lose a few of the settings files. They can be easily replaced from a Win98 boot disk, and if you didn't keep one, you was crazy.

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