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I need help in receiving Church email

By Ballmer 38 ·
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before March 2012 I recv'd the church newsletter every month. It ttl 10 to 12 pages. Starting in march I did not rec it. This month the church said it was the size of the newsletter about 8 pages is why i didn't rec it. Where is the problem?

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Size probably isn't the issue

by Tigger_Two In reply to I need help in receiving ...

Ask the person who sends the newsletter to re-add you to the distribution list. You may have simply fallen off.

If you have a second email addy, ask then to add it. If you get the newsletter twice, just delete one. Otherwise, it may help you to trace the problem.

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The only way that size could be a problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Size probably isn't the i ...

Is if the Poster doesn't clear their Server Mailbox regularly. If their ISP's Mail Box is close to full it will not accept a incoming E Mail that pushes the Mail Box over the Limit which with most ISP's is 10 Meg.

So I suppose here the question that needs asking is how often is the Incoming E Mail collected from the ISP? If that is the case here the poster needs to collect their mail more often.


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Off the standard checklist: Check if it has been delivered to spam

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I need help in receiving ...

Check your spam filter. If the newsletter has been delivered to spam, and this has not been discovered, then it will likely continue to be delivered to spam. Find a copy of it in there and mark it as "not spam", that fixes it.

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