I need help on choosing a Server for a large company.

By dizhawj ·
I need good processing power and memory for our Application server and Domain Controller. The File server will need more space for storage than ram but we don't want it to bog down the network. Need 4 domain controllers in the local offices, they don't need to be so high powered as they only need to control the local office and speed is less of an issue there. Just go with something a bit more upscaled for the Domain Controller in the Central(Main) office and then lower scale models for the Domain controllers in the remote branches. The application server needs to be a very decent server and we may look to purchase 2 of them so there is a backup.

Anyone have any suggestions? I just need some ideas and some information would be helpful on finding a server. Im clueless. This is for a school project I am doing. Thanks in advance.

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We could spoon-feed you the answer...

by Brenton Keegan In reply to I need help on choosing a ...

but you'd never learn.

I'd ask some questions first...

First of all, why do they want the application server on the same box as the domain controller? It's not the best idea to do this.

What sort of budgeting limits are we looking at? Why not just git the beefiest box possible?

What sort of "application" is this. Very often the particulars of the application are going to change the hardware requirements.

What sort of OS does this application run on?

If you're going to buy 2 "high powered" severs why not create a virtualized environment and put both of them in the same cluster?

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Business FLow

by james In reply to I need help on choosing a ...

Step back for a moment. You may be asking the wrong people. There is a lot of technology on the market today but most of it has been designed to accomplish a specific goal. First of all get input from all the departments who will be using the server and see what their "real goals" are. What specifically are they trying to accomplish/gain from a new server that the old one didn't give them. Faster speed? More Memory? Ease of use? Reduced maintenance? Better security? Once you get a good idea on where your trying to go it will be easier to see how to get there! Then based on your goals talk to the geeks on possible hardware/software solutions that are currently available.


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OK you lost me with the number required let alone where they will be

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I need help on choosing a ...

Start off by mapping out what is required in the way of Servers on a piece of Paper if you don't have any Network Design Software.

Then add the number of Concurrent connections required and estimate the amount of use that they will rely on from the server.

When you have done that triple it and you should have a fairly decent set of Specifications for each server. Of course if you underestimated the load that will be placed on the servers by the individual workstations the server will be underpowered or lack sufficient resources to work as required.


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