I NEED help, please - I can't get my downloads to work...

By meffnet ·
Okay we have our internet from a wireless server. I can take my laptop anywhere on any other network and it works just fine.

We have a router that my son's computer is connected to the router via a LAN connection and my laptop is connected via a wireless connection.

My service provider came up yesterday and brought us a brand new router and it worked to DL until this afternoon, now we are back to the way we were before.

When I DL a file it ends up being corruted. It will go through the motions, and DL but when I try to install it, it always says publisher: unknown publisher, like the certificate isn't valid, even if it's microsoft, java, adobe, etc no matter what it says that, then when I try to install it says that it's corrupt and it won't install.

Please, please help us, I pay $40 a month for my internet, and I can't get any of the things I want to DL and my son can't play WOW at all anymore!!!!!

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Well it sounds as if there is something going on with the router

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I NEED help, please - I c ...

So what Make & Model is it?

The obvious thing is to enter the Routers Setup Procedures which is genially possible through a CD that comes with it and reset it that way.

I would use the computer connected by the wire to do this rather than attempting to do it Wirelessly.


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Also, update the firmwar

by jdclyde In reply to Well it sounds as if ther ...

Reset the router, then update to the latest firmware version.

If the system is old, you might want to replace it.

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What kind of router?

by joeyj In reply to I NEED help, please - I c ...

What kind of router?
I've had issues in the past with Linksys routers (both wireless, and not) that will "congest" after a larger download, or extend times of down.

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