I need help!!!! PLEASE!!! -My laptop running XP w/ SP2 will not boot up.

By k.edlund ·
I have been having a few issues lately with my laptop just shutting down all of a sudden. I finally figured out that it was over heating due to blocked air vents on the bottom. Prob, fixed.
Well, apparently not.
I restarted and it is now just going around and around in the start up boot phase.
Starts to load, comes up with "cannot find auto check... will cancel disk check',then goes to "Windows is starting up.."for about 10 seconds and then it goes right back and tries to restart again getting to "cannot find auto check...", blink, "Windows is Starting up ...", blink, blink,..around and around.
What do I do now???
I have tried booting up in all sorts of different modes including Safe mode but same thing with all of them.
My hubby says to just reformat everything, F-disk it, etc. which I absolutely do not want to do since I was in the middle of backing everything up and I can not afford to lose everything on my C drive...
I had to uninstall and re-install IE 7 for XP w/ SP2 when all this started happening and the computer kept shutting down in the middle of the download or in the middle of the installation.After uncovering the air vents I finally got IE 7 for XP w/SP2 dl'ed and installed. Could that have done something to the OS causing it to not boot up?
I just got a Fatal Error this last time w/code 17 and 22- means permissions/password/access lost to something.
Is anyone following me?... Please help as all my non-profit stuff for my new non-profit NW Womens 500 Org is on there... The kids need our help...go to and read all about it....

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There a few things that you can do provided that the hardware

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I need help!!!! PLEASE!!! ...

Has suffered no permanent damage.

But first I need to know if you where running Windows Encrypted File System as that limits the possibilities quite significantly as I'm supposing that you want to keep your data as readable and not just a pile of unreadable rubbish.

If you where not using Windows EFS you can do a Repair Install or sometimes called an In Place Install by following the directions here

If you had a password in place you'll need to take ownership of the files by following the directions here

If you where using Windows Encrypted File System you need to remove the HDD fit it to a USB Caddy and connect to another computer running the same OS and then save the encryption key by following the directions here

You should also backup all your remaining data at the same time as well just in case of problems occurring so that in a worst case scenario you have a complete backup to work from and you will not loose any data.

If you want to test your hardware before proceeding you can download the Ultimate Boot CD from here and run the diagnostics


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Did you open the case or move it around?

by w2ktechman In reply to I need help!!!! PLEASE!!! ...

If so, something may have come loose. Try re-seating all of the components. But use an antistatic wrist strap before touching anything inside of the system.

If you reseat the add-in cards, HDD and CD cables and RAM, the problem may be fixed. If not, Hal has some excellent tips.

But, before trying the in-place repair I strongly suggest to backup data. I have known people to lose everything trying a repair.

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Try this

by rmsmith In reply to I need help!!!! PLEASE!!! ...

Remove the battery for a few seconds, then re-install it and try to boot, if possible then press F2 key and select last best boot


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my 2 cents

by sgt_shultz In reply to I need help!!!! PLEASE!!! ...

I would watch the boot screen during a cold startup (from power off) and see if the hard drive is detected in the BIOS. sounds like it is.
then i would boot from my Windows os cd and either 1) install the recovery console, which i would then use to run chkdsk and defrag. it sounds like you have a corrupt file there
after its all working again, i would take the laptop all apart and clean out the dust inside as well as outside vents.
then i would get some backups in place, yes?

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