I need help providing internet access to a small camp ground

By justfromjersey ·
I have a friend that owns a small camp ground, and he wants to offer internet service to his seasonal campers. The closest phone to the location is about 150 ft. away to a central point in the camp ground. I was thinking of getting DSL at that location then running hard lines to several points and running wireless routers at those points. If anyone has a better suggestion, please help me.

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wireless access

by mustachemike In reply to I need help providing int ...

you only need one router. make sure it is big enought to handle the traffic. also you may want to think about getting a t1 instead of just a regular dsl. with that many people on line traffic may become congested. but instead of running cable to different spots, you can but access points. these are devices that look like routers but pickup the original router signal and extend it and give access to network users. once again traffic will be an issue. larger capacity devices will prove to be a better investment

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by gdb758 In reply to I need help providing int ...

If there is another way, say, if CABLE is in the area, then that is the way to go. A T1 would be good, IF you can afford it. Then you need a Wireless Router and Wireless Access Points installed around the campground to speak to the Wireless Router. Then you don't have to worry about Cabling.


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