i need help to solve these questions plz

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i need help to solve these questions plz
write aprogram that handle an array of data and perform a sorting operation on this array then create a random access file that stores the array and the stored array in the files
write a program that read the array and display the content of the array from the file created in question below

using class point write anew class called squir which represent a squir it uses the base class point to define the lower left corner and it adds aparameter
represent the side length

write the necessory method to perform the following operations
a-calculate the area of squir
b-display the four corners cordinate ,the side length and the area
c-perform a shift operation on x axis &y axis or both of them

add operator overloadingfunction to override the operator << which will perform the operation in 2-a

really,i will be great thankful to any one can help me

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