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I need help, which vpn solution is best?

By manu820 ·
I work in an office of 15 people which has a win nt 4.0 server and i need to conect to our other office of 5 people which also has a win nt 4.0 server(they may get upgraded to server 2003). I have never setup a VPN and would like some sugestions on how to do it and what would be the best cost effective solution. Both offices are on ADSL and curently conect with Any help would be greatly apreciate it.

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by manu820 In reply to I need help, which vpn so ...

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by KurtJB In reply to I need help, which vpn so ...

You could use PPTP (;en-us;161410&Product=nts40)which is built into WinNT but that's not really the best protocol to use for VPN. You would want to use IPSec. PPTP probably would be the cheapest though since you already have it.
Most of the solutions for VPN might depend on what you are using for a firewall with your DSL lines. I would first research your firewall to see if it supports any VPN solution or will let VPN pass-through.
Another cost cutting suggeston would be to get two Linksys routers with VPN (look at model BEFVP41 ( With these you can create a hardware based connection between your two locations.
Hope I helped. I would be interested to find out what you decide to do.

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by wlbowers In reply to I need help, which vpn so ...

Cisco. 2 routers and their software. Call their techsupport or their local office. They can design to your needs.

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by ewgny In reply to I need help, which vpn so ...

You didn't mention what your internet sevice is. You may want to take a look at Megapath dsl they have VPN solution they will set up and maintain
I have used this company for an ISP, and they have been very reliable and affordable

Another very affordable VPN solution can be found at

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by joshg In reply to I need help, which vpn so ...

The most tried and true way to do this is with Firewall/VPN appliance. The microsoft PPTP software based will be a pain in the crack with that many users accessing different things in the domains.

We use the CISCO PIX 501 with 3des frequently. This starts the tunnel between the two pix boxes, always on and the users have to do nothing just browse to the resources. You will need two Static IP's one for each pix at each ISP. If you have two different domains, you will have to setup trusts between them in the NT server side but you will only be able to do this when the VPN is running.

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