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I need help with documentation for give to ERP vendors

By aamier ·
I am currently working on identifying the process and procedures with the manufacturing of enclosures in our business - business make metalwork shells for fire panels.

Where I am right now is that the process mapping is complete and I have been asked to make a report that outlines:

It will outline the current system limitations for Metalwork. (System does not accept negative stock ? based on findings. use paper, Pegasus planning board).
This is a comprehensive document that will contain:

Whets happening now ? description of the process maps.
- Areas of improvements
- How system can support it
- It will outline the current system limitations for Metalwork.

- Next step for system to ?what functionality is required now and can support the business in the future.

- New system overcome limitations now and to support business in future.

- System recommendation, what do we want to see?

- Main inputs ? outputs of the system

Currently what we want from the system.
What the System doesn?t give us at the moment.
Investigate the current system
Where we are
Where we want to be

This will form a Pack with process maps to be presented vendors.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated in terms of document structure, what I need to have in this document, a template of this document. Just anything I that can help me to make a start.

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thanks, some samples and assitance.

by aamier In reply to You sound like you are on ...


thank you so much for getting back to me, i dont think i am to be honest iin terms of what to have in this document, the quality and also the tyope of information to be put on it. this will also be used internally by dept heads so its very important document.

any other help is gratefull and much appreciated for the links

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by aamier In reply to thanks, some samples and ...

hi all

any help with this would be great, even the structure of the write up.

this is what i have so far:

Executive summary
Main section
It?s this section here that I?m wandering about
not about this section but i think it is something like:
? Method
? Issues recommendation



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