I need help with MS Word, my custom toolbar keeps disappearing.

By vjbrown6925 ·
Can someone point me in the right direction? I created a custom toolbar in MS Word 2003. I followed all the steps listed in MS online directions, created it and thought it would stay. I closed Word and re-opened it and my toolbar had disappeared. I have looked through all the online support I can find to find out why, but I haven't had any luck. I can re-create it, but it disappears if I close the program.

I would appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance...

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Toolbar or Ribbon

by whoozhe In reply to I need help with MS Word, ...

Office uses what MS call Ribbons. I wonder if you actually created a ribbon and not an actual toolbar.
For more on ribbons see

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Same problem

by qwerty In reply to Toolbar or Ribbon

I have the same problem, but only with an specific computer. I think it could very well be a matter of the version of Word. I have been suggested to try with the service pack.
I'm possitive mine's a toolbar, and not a ribbon. Try the service pack, maybe that does work...

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Same Custom Toolbar Problem

by groups In reply to Same problem

Hey, did you guys find a solution?

I can't work like this : (



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I found a fix

by cathrynmyers In reply to I need help with MS Word, ...

Apparently the problem lies with adobe acrobat professional (or at least that is what I suspect)

The fix is to make the change and then you can force such changes by selecting SHIFT+File then Save All. That will save the change to your file for future reference. Good luck.

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great solution

by stephen In reply to I found a fix

a great hidden gem of a solution.

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by hondacbr600f1 In reply to I found a fix

been searching all over the web and got upset with the machine but came to this posting and found the answer to my problem. it did fix it!!!
great job cathrynmyers!!
was about to remove word and re-install it.thanks again

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You are so great!!

by frankck.leung In reply to I found a fix

I got the same problem, thanks for your tip!!! ^o^

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it works

by mlsim2003 In reply to I found a fix

I have the adobe acrobat prof installed earlier. This solution works for me.

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Works for me as well

by sjoban In reply to I found a fix

It's sorted the problem for me as well. However, I am only experiencing the problem on one particular computer, not the others. Furthermore, I don't have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed, though I do have Acrobat Reader.

The only annoying thing is having to press SHIFT+File and Save All everytime I make a change to the toolbar.

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by jessica.letteney In reply to I found a fix

This has been driving me crazy--I highly customize all my Word toolbars. No one in tech support has given me a satisfactory answer. Thanks again for posting this.

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