I need help with my CPU/GPU

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Ok so this is my first time in this forum, so bear with me please haha.
So I overclocked my GPU a few days ago - everything was fine until I OVER- Overclocked it, so I performed a reset and everything went back to normal.

(Dumb move this is I know) So after that I decided to overclock my motherboard/CPU. That simply caused failed boots, so I reset my cmos and it was fine again.

After all this, I accidentally broke my stock Intel CPU cooler.
At the SAME time this happened, most of my games barely achieve 30 fps.
Is it simply because my CPU cooler isnt on properly? Or is my GPU fried?
(Im going to buy a new cooler tommorow, so im hoping its just my CPU overheating)

My CPU: Intel i9 7900x 2066 Socket.
My GPU: ASUS 1080ti.

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Broken cooler most likely be the reason

by robertosburn6 In reply to I need help with my CPU/G ...

As per the information and you had overclocked the CPU, more chances are CPU cooler has broken down. This, in turn, would not be allowing the processor working at it full throttle requiring more time in completing the action. This generally happens while overclocking. Just try fixing it with a new one.

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