I need help with RDP and dual monitors on Win7 machine?

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I use dual monitors on my vista machine. This works great so i can RDP to my work desktop. And it spans. However when I use my Win7 machine (home edition) it wont span. I have changed my display to be the same resolution on both monitors, I have changed it under options and that didnt work. I use mstsc.exe /span. I have extend my desktop and that didnt work.

What am I missing?

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by jfuller05 In reply to I need help with RDP and ...

The total of the resolutions must be below 40962048.

Another option is to enable the Multimon option to open remote desktop.
a. Tick the option use all monitors for the remote session in remote desktop client display option.
b. use the /multimon switch on the mstsc.exe command line.
mstsc.exe /multimon
c. add use multimon:i:1 to the RDP file.

For further details check this msdn article out:

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