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I need help with Samba!

By FelixOrtiz ·
Ok folks,
here is my stomper. I have read so much about Samba that my eyes are bleeding. I still can't get the darned thing to work right. Here is my current situation.

I have a test server setup with SlackWare 8, Samba 2.2.0a. A test workstation running Win 2k Pro, A test server running Win 2k, an another test workstation running Win98.

I have configured Samba with the following

workgroup = BRAINSTOMP
netbios name = SLACK
server string = Samba Server
password server = Stomper
ssl CA certDir = /etc/ssl/certs
log file = /var/log/samba.%m
max log size = 50
dns proxy = No
wins server =
guest account = pcguest
hosts allow = *
comment = Home Directories
path = /home
read only = No
comment = All Printers
path = /var/spool/samba
read only = No
guest ok = Yes
printable = Yes browseable = No
The SMB & NMB Daemons are running and the "slack" workstation shows up in my network neighborhood. However, when I try to browse to the workstation "slack" I get "\\slack is not accessible The network path was not found" error on all the client platforms.

Can anyone shed some light as to what is wrong with my config? At first I thought it was my Linux distro but I have tried RedHat, and Mandrake with the same results so it _must_ be my config....right?


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Your Config looks good but

by radiic In reply to I need help with Samba!

Here is a tool you can use to test your smb.conf it is called "testparm" and comes with most distro's. use it on the box testparm /etc/smb.conf (ipaddress)
It will parse the smb.conf and tell you what resources are available. This will tell you whether or not your service is even available. Also you might want to make your eyes bleed some more by reading up on the /etc/smbpasswd I know i had to use smbadduser mike:mike before i could connect to the share from a w9x workstation.

Good Luck
ps. im sure you know about this site allready but just in case

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Got the answer!

by FelixOrtiz In reply to Your Config looks good bu ...


thanks for the testparm util, that is something that I hadn't seen any where. In any case it reports that everything is right. I have found out however from trial & error that the problem was I need to add a line that looks like

encrypt passwords = Yes

to the smb.conf file so that MS LanMan passwords work with Samba. Just figured I'd pass that along.


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