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I need help with this

By steven_severin_91 ·
Hey I know this is my first post but I'm not going to just ask what I need and after I get the answer I'l leave this forum .

I have the following situation. I want to know how I can make a web-page, where it's adress is masked. I practically want to mask a chatroom into a website, make it accessible just by whom I want it, and make it impossible for people to be tracked that they have been there. Meaning if you would be scanning someone's history, or something similar (i know history can be deleted but that is besides the point ), i want it to be impossible to tell that they had been at a chatroom but actually at another page.

Practically i want to make a webpage with a masked link. Only people who know where the link is would be able to use it. You wouldn't be able to access the web page any other way different from the link.

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I think

by Maevinn In reply to I need help with this

The obvious first question has to be WHY do you want to do this? Quiet frankly, it sounds like you're asking for help on setting up something allowing people to engage in illicit activity undetected...And that's not okay. I can think of several illegal activities that would benefit from something like this, and no legitimate ones...So--viable explanation?

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Legal need is indeed called for

by jdclyde In reply to I think

Explain why you would think this is such a good thing for any legal activity.

This is not a hacker or warz site, and no one will aid you in ANY WAY to do something illegal and/or stupid.

The ball is in your court. Explain your need, and we will see what we can do for you.

And no, I can not think of any reason you would need to go to such lenghts for anything legal.

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by Maevinn In reply to Legal need is indeed call ...

Glad you chimed in...I was wondering if I was just suffering from a lack of creativity this morning! :)

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You were right on

by jdclyde In reply to Whew

But it is FAR from Morning where I am! Almost 3pm Eastern.

I come in and b1tch as I see them. You should see the piece of beauty work here.

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There are legitimate possibilities

by TonytheTiger In reply to I think

Domestic violence or other crisis type chatroom for example.

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Out on a limb here

by Maevinn In reply to There are legitimate poss ...

But since this person (despite claiming they weren't going to post and run) hasn't come back with any explanation. That casts mighty big shadows of doubt in my mind.

But--I agree--those would be legitimate options. I suspect that there are far more illegal activities that would benefit, though.

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Aside from the legal issues

by jdmercha In reply to I need help with this

It is not possible. Unless of course you own every piece of equipment between the user and your server.

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I wouldn't say impossible...

by TonytheTiger In reply to Aside from the legal issu ...

But that's just me. I can think of at least a couple of ways, but until I am reasonably sure of the poster's intentions, I will refrain from posting them.

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In the interest of knowledge.

by onbliss In reply to I wouldn't say impossible ...

...I hope the original poster comes and gives a good explanation and reason for the requirement :-)

Masking and hiding is all 'relative', right? Because won't the surfing be somehow captured at the ISP level?

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This poster is similar to the one who advertised Yahoo & Hotmail cracking

by Why Me Worry? In reply to In the interest of knowle ...

service in hopes he would gain interest in people here. He was quickly chewed out and sent on his merry way, as well as being reported the proper authorities for shooting his mouth off about his purported illegal activities.

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