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    I need Help with W2k server and Novell


    by rjjodoi ·


    I’m trying to install, in a test environment, Novell’s eDirectory 8.5 and Account Management 2.1 on a W2K server sp2. It’s the only server in the domain and it’s a DC. I’ve installed eDirectory successfully but when I try to install AM 2.1 it tells me I need to install it on a NT 4.0 PDC. Anyone have any information?

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      May be wrong ….

      by russell cohen ·

      In reply to I need Help with W2k server and Novell

      I may be quite wrong, but I seem to recall that Novell Account Management 2.1 only supported NT4.0 Domains, not Active Directory Domains. I suggest posting your question with Ron Nutter’s Help Desk on, as I’m sure the answer would be of interest to others out there.
      Have you tried the Novell Support Knowledgebase and NDS for NT/Account Management Support Forums?

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        Thanks for the Help

        by rjjodoi ·

        In reply to May be wrong ….


        I figured this out. I was using an older version of Account Management 2.1 from the November 2000 SEL CD. I’ve ordered a new version that will work with W2K.

        I would like to know if there are others out there that are trying a similar configuration so I will post on Ron Nutters site.

        Thanks again.

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