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By sanitychickrl ·
Hi, my computer crashed and when i try to format/install windows with the XP CD it wont allow me to. it would go to some blue screen or it would restart!! ive even went into dos and everything still it would just restart. what do i do..usually i could just format it but this time it does not work! ive got windows xp. please help. thanks

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to I NEED HELPP

Sounds like a hardware problem. Get that problem fixed before reinstalling XP.

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by ruthie56 In reply to I NEED HELPP

Sounds like it needs to be slapped silly and told whose boss... as for the suggestion of hardware problem, I don't know how he came up with that with the amount of information you gave... what I personally would do, is take a few steps back... then come forward.

Step 1: I'd find a Win98 or NT CD (not XP)
Step 2: Then go into the BIOS as it's booting (usually F and tell it to boot from CD
Step 3: then shutdown again, put in the CD and boot from it. This should step you thru installing it. Once that is up and running you can then try the same procedure with your XP Cd... keeping in mind you will probably have to contact Microsoft because they keep track now of what machines you load their CDs onto...

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by CG IT In reply to I NEED HELPP

ROFL slapped silly and told whose boss ROFL :::wiping tears from eyes from laughing so hard..... use a W98 CD to boot to... I fell to the floor laughing, got up and fell down again laughing..... Im still laughing trying to type this.....

take a step back, step foward, step back, do the cha cha.....ROFL

so whats the blue screen say? and how did you get to DOS??? a boot disk? if you've got a W98 boot disk, boot from the disk and at the command prompt type fdisk and press enter. in fdisk, delete all primary partitions [and any logical drives in extended partitions] and the extended partitons. In other words, wipe the disk. Then create a primary partition, activate it, format it. Insert XP CD, boot to CD. Follow the on screen instructions to install XP.

If you receive the same stop error or restart you might be experiencing hardware problems as answer 1 says.

slapping it and telling it whos the boss will just **** off XP and probably make it not like you and refuse to ever work for you. Might try getting a new copy that doesn't know your control issues and hense will cooperate [ ROFL LMAO].

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by thunderhawk96 In reply to I NEED HELPP

I had the same problem a week ago.
Try taking any hardware upgrades(video,audio cards) out of ther slots.
Then try installing XP.

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by Paulvs1_ In reply to I NEED HELPP

try and input the recuse disk and than install windows agin and try to get your files back if you frist don't get it call the company or a friend or someone like us

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