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I need opinions

By Fvazquez ·
Ok Guy?s I need a big advice and opinion on this subject!!!!!!!!!!

I went to an interview today and I think they are going to call me for the position but here is the problem. The position is for network administration in an advertising comp.but in a web design division they need a person who can administer their network and configure their web hosting servers for their clients?.

My doubt is that they are running for the internal network two different brands of OS the main server is running MAC OS X Server and most of the clients are running MAC OS X but also they have a variety of windows also on the network. For the web stuff they run different versions of Linux as most of the web hosting do.

I made most of my career in windows and Novell environment and MAC is kind of new to me I now that MAC X is based on UNIX /Linux environment but its steel new for me. I now the basic administration of Linux and a couple of things.

What should I do?? Take it or wait for anotheropportunity??

I?m not afraid of new things its only I want to do a good job!!!!!!!

Federico Vazquez

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Gut Feel

by TheChas In reply to I need opinions

Unless you oversold yourself, they are not apt to make you an offer if they don't think you are qualified for the posistion.

Then, it boils down to your "gut" feel.

Are they willing to allow you to grow into the posistion?
Will they expect immeadiate results?
Is your learning curve going to be measured in weeks or months?

One final question. If they make you an offer and you turn them down, will you regret turning them down in the future?

HTH, Chas

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by djent In reply to I need opinions

If you have been forthright with your skillset and they understand that, they must desire your experiance inspite your lack of MAC background. If they are willing to give you enough room to learn then go for it.

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doing a bad job....

by gernotlg In reply to I need opinions

Doing a bad job could well be Good Experience.

ask yourself...."Do I accept this mission?"

I usually answer "yes". Mostly i end up doing a good job AND I get good experience.

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Run away,,,

by LordInfidel In reply to I need opinions

As long as you let them know that MAC is not your strong point, but you are willing to learn it, then your covered.

If it was me and I saw their netwk, I would of have asked them what their plans for the netwk was and seen if I would of have enjoyed working there.

If there web stuff is all linux and not mac, that is one thing. But if they have web servers running on a MAC then I would severerly question the intellegince of the company and would have to think long and hard before accepting the position.

Yes I am a MAC hater. Not for reasons you may think. It's great for graphic artists, home users, etc. But in the corporate IT world dominated by windows and linux (srvr side) it really has no place being on the corp desktop.

From a security/networking point of view, MAC is ****. Although security thru just having a MAC may work. No self respecting hacker would ever try to hack a mac. And if they did, they would'nt brag about it.

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Great Opportunity

by romanettija In reply to I need opinions

Many people are attracted to the field of IT because of its diversity. IT professionals are required to learn things at a fast pace. You are no exception. I believe you should welcome the challenge and see it as an opportunity for intelectual growth. Look at it this way, after you master everything you will be more marketable.

Good Luck

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