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I need printer usage monitoring advice

By ddemuth78 ·

I am wondering what advice or solutions (software, logs, etc.) you may have for monitoring employee use/misuse of color printers. The reason why I ask is that the industry I am in is begining to utulize color printers much more than ever now and with the price of toner cartridges it would be nice to ensure company execs that the printers are being used as efficiently as possible meaning employees are not using them to print out "fancy" 8.5x11 color pictures of their children and basically turning the office into their own art production lab.

I keep the employees informed of the costs of using the printers and other methods of guilting them out of considering the naughty act but I don't think this by itself is enough as full page (obvious laserjet) color photo printouts are found occasionally.

Let me know! Thanks!

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This might be of interest to you.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Simple is better

by Kenone In reply to I need printer usage moni ...

What I do is pull page counts off of each printer each month. All color printers are setup with access codes to control who prints where. If the number of color pages gets out of control in any month in any dept. I just hand the report to the dept manager, look sad, and walk away. Of course each dept has to "buy" their own toner, we keep replacement records.

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I think you're right.

by ddemuth78 In reply to Simple is better

Our company is small and this might be a better (and free!) way of controlling printer usage. Thanks!

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