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I need scripting help

By kylegeldmaker ·
Hello all,
I am a recent graduate and I just landed my first Systems Administrator job. I have these computers that we use as data hosts for our raw data files. Needless to say that need to be defragged often so I wrote a batch file to do that, but I want to know when it runs without having to go to all of the machines to see the last time the task was run. I would like to put an operand at the end of the defrag script to write the machine name and the date and time the sript ran to a log file I created on my server. This seems possible, but I am not familiar with advanced scripting. Could someone please help me out. I have about 150 of these machines that I need to verify, I would really love to just add it to the end of the current script. Thanks for your assistance.

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If using XP, 2k3, or 2k

by faradhi In reply to I need scripting help

then it should be as simple as adding

echo %date%,%time%,%computername% >> {filename}

to the end of your batch file.

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faradhi, I know this is off topic but

by Old Guy In reply to If using XP, 2k3, or 2k

welcome back. I haven't seen you posting in awhile.

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by faradhi In reply to faradhi, I know this is o ...

I got slammed. Right now I am just in the eye of the storm. So I decided to poke in and see what is going on.

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Faradhi, it didn't work.

by kylegeldmaker In reply to thanks,

Thanks for your help, but I was unable to get the it to work, heres the batch file text.

CMD /c C:\dirms/dirms.exe c defrag
ECHO %date%,%time%,%computername% >> {c:\log.txt}
CMD /c shutdown -r -f -t 900

I am not sure where to go from here. I would like to get these on all of the existing machines, as well as all of the new ones. Once again, thanks for your help.

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leave the brackets out

by faradhi In reply to Faradhi, it didn't work.

CMD /c C:\dirms/dirms.exe c defrag
ECHO %date%,%time%,%computername% >> c:\log.txt
CMD /c shutdown -r -f -t 900

Also, these types of questions would be a better fit in the Tech Q&A.

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by kylegeldmaker In reply to leave the brackets out

Ahhh, Brackets. Not it works.
I will post in the Q&A from now on. I have one more question though. Is there a website or a book that will give me a list of all the variables, like date, time, etc. that are possible to use in a script. I am pretty new to scripting. I would really appreciate it. Thanks again for your help.

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Here are two to get you started

by faradhi In reply to sweet.

You should also look at some other scripting languages like VB, Jscript or Perl.

Remember with scripting there are two facts to remember.

1) If you need a script, chances are someone else has needed it and posted it somewhere on the internet.
2) Google is your friend.

Good luck!


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