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I need some help?

By angelbaby198024 ·
I have been trying to download stuff on my computer and I
having problems with someone not helping me from Apple.
So you were my next choice that someone told me to check
out. What is the problem, I had gotten this computer from a
couple that I know, but I have no idea how to delete all the
cookies and all that other stuff. So I was wondering if
someone could help me out with the problems that I am
having? I have tried everything that I can, and I still am
getting booted off the internet and getting kicked out of
Internet Explorer and sometimes even getting kicked out of
Safari. I have no idea where all the stuff is on this computer
and I hope that someone around here can help me out with
the problems. Please write me back at the email address at
the top of the page and I usually check my email all the
time. Please write me back ASAP!!!!! Thank you for all the
time and thank you for helping me out with all my
problems. Thanks Again, Cassandra Harris

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by valis In reply to I need some help?

if you got it from a friend, your best bet is to format the hard drive, and start with a fresh install

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by nobby57 In reply to I need some help?

I concur -- start fresh. I assume from what you said about Safari that this is an X machine; get hold of a new copy of Panther (it will be faster), reformat, and reinstall everything. A manual will come with the new OS which will get you started.

As for the internet connection, try this (courtesy of O'Reilly's Mac OS Tips and Unix tricks): open the Network system preferences and choose internal modem from the Configuration menu. click on PPP tab and then on PPP Options. Enable "Use Verbose Logging". Click OK and Apply Now. Open Internet Connect and choose Connection Log from the Windows menu. Now when you connect, a transcript of what is taking place during connection appears in the connection log window, which will let you know what is going on with your modem. But I will bet most of your problems will disappear if you start over with a fresh installation, particularly if you upgrade.

X is Unix, but the Mac GUI makes it easy. Try the library -- locate a Mac OSX book you find easy to follow and spend a week or so with it and your computer. After that, you will be the one answering questions for others!

Good luck, Reid

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by ChrisCox1987 In reply to I need some help?

I would reinstall the system

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by Paulvs1_ In reply to I need some help?

Make sure it is mac kind to downl9aod

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