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I need some help with VPS and cpanel

By dismaling ·
Hello,I am a total newbie, I have a site which runs on a centos 7 VPS and I have cpanel as my control panel.
The problem is, I need to upload a file to a subfolder under a domain root. How do I do that? I tried to use cpanel file manager but everything just goes to the /home/user directory.

I guess I need the files to be available under domain.com/files e.g.
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Re: upload

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to I need some help with VPS ...

Usually, one uses ftp to upload files to a site. How did you upload the contents of your site?

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by dismaling In reply to Re: upload

That's exactly what I'm trying to do - upload theme files in a folder or a subfolder under a domain root.

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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Reply

For newer Web masters, FTP can be a challenge. Sometimes they just need a GUI FTP app until they master old command line FTP.

But this isn't the only problem here. If you task me to work out FTP challenges on 10 web sites I have yet to find myself use the exact same commands to get the upload done on all 10 sites.

What this means is this work is site/host specific.

But here's our basic FTP commands: https://www.cs.colostate.edu/helpdocs/ftp.html

We have the usual CD to change to another directory (some call these folders.) As well as MKDIR to create a folder if need be.

So to upload theme files (or any files) to a folder we would:
1. CD to the folder we want to receive said files.
2. If the folder doesn't exist we use MKDIR then CD to said folder.
3. Now we can put or mput some files up to this folder.

I don't always have the luxury of a GUI so I use command line FTP more often than not.

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by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Reply

Personally, I use open source Filezilla as a GUI FTP in Windows for a website i currently maintain. Works fine.
For an older site I used the ftp-program in Windows in a batch file transferring changed files from different subfolders in the copy (actually the original) of the website on my PC to the same subfolders in the website (actually a copy serving as an extra backup also).

The hosting company should provide the credentials to login to the root folder of your site.

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Uploading Files Solution

by atifdevrims In reply to I need some help with VPS ...

I would suggest uploading using FTP. You may use a file manager to upload files to any specific folder by just choosing the folder before uploading.

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