I need suggestions on thesis topic selection Network security - Firewalls.

By neelima5013 ·
Hi,I am taking a thesis related to network security - firewalls . Because of the wide area of work done in this field i am unable to select a topic for my thesis. Any good theis idea would be of great help to me...
Thanks in advance.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I need suggestions on the ...

are you unable to select a topic for my thesis? Aren't you interested in any of the work done in that field?

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ipv6 vs. NAT

by TobiF In reply to I need suggestions on the ...

In IPv4, virtually every home or office network is located behind a NAT router, where outbound traffic (and its response traffic) can pass, but traffic starting outside your local network will reach inside your own network (for good or bad) only if a virtual server/port forwarding is set (either manually or through uPnP).

When installing a fresh copy of Windows XP, then it is almost impossible to update it over the internet without catching some kind of virus before the computer is updated enough to be protected by itself, unless the computer if protected behind a NAT firewall.

With ipv6, NAT becomes "obsolete" as "expansion" of the internet address space.

But, from a security point of view, what functionality would be needed in a consumer router to give a similar protection in a ipv6 network?

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Seems like a good topic...nt

by tbmay In reply to ipv6 vs. NAT

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