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i need templates about Web Design and E-Learning

By mostafa_ali_2002 ·
hii,, plz help me
i need some templates about webdesign and E-Learning
by Microsoft Project 2003

thnx for all

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Per my previous response to your original request

by Tig2 In reply to i need templates about We ...

You are not providing sufficient information to determine what kind of templates you are looking for.

Are you deploying an e-Learning project?

Are you only looking for Gantt and WBS examples?

Does this project include a training component?

Are you designing a website to facilitate e-Learning?

Does the design need to integrate Project 2003?

Project or Project Server?

Without adequate information, no one can give you an intelligible response.

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TT - I am beginning to think this person is

by j.lupo In reply to Per my previous response ...

not serious. They have also posted this in Tech Q&A a few times. The E-Learning topic is coming up a lot lately.

We are all here to help each other, but providing sufficient information is essential. If the person posting can't bother to provide it, then we can't bother to respond to them. Asking politely several times doesn't seem to help.

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Information about my Ask

by mostafa_ali_2002 In reply to TT - I am beginning to t ...

thnx to all with my pleasures
i tell you my full story about PM ,,
my study about information systems and we discuss project management,, I must delivering one project about E-Learning to my Prof. and i cant understand all phases and taskes in PM,, plz help me for that
i need
1- project about E-Learning include SDLC

assume u open microsoft project 2003 and open template on that
u must see some tasks about template project, all phases about project
i need template like that
include all taskes about compete E-Learning project,, form Planning to close project
2- reports about each task because i need to understand the project.
3- any method u need to help me,, don't care about any thing in project scope from methodes ,, i need that just by SDLC only just tasks and reports

with my respects and all thanks fro all people here.

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Your problem is still ill defined

by jmgarvin In reply to Information about my Ask

To give you any kind of informative SDLC, we'll need a LOT more information.

See my previous posts as to what you need to say.

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please just 2 days remained to exam

by mostafa_ali_2002 In reply to Your problem is still ill ...

I need a project management template for web design to any e learning project "faculty of science" as example
? I deploying an e learning project
? I need the project management to contain the tasks, Gantt and WBS examples
? The project include training component
? I design the web site to facilitate e learning
? The design need to integrate project
? I need the duration of the project to be 8 month
? I want it to include the risk and budget
? I want its phases to be as following: 60 % of the time must be in phases (analysis & design)
1- Planning
2- Analysis
3- Design

Gantt Chart for all activities tasks

plz don't say with me as professional,, i don't know alot informations more that in PM,, just little informations about project management,, if you need to help me, just give me one project as your like, as your method, include "Gantt Chart" and reports,, PLEASE I'M NOT PROFESSIONAL

with my respects for you Jmgarvin, and all people here and this great webside.

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I think I get what you are looking for

by Tig2 In reply to please just 2 days remain ...

The problem is that what you are asking for is pretty complex. I don't know of anyone (unless they have all the project notes from that kind of project) that would have that level of information at hand.

What I can give you at a high level is an idea of the types of things that you would need. Tom Mochal, one of the best PM contributors here- in my opinion of course- has a methodology he calls "Ten Step Project Management". I recommend that you go to his website at and look at the examples and flow examples he provides. This may help you to get closer to what you are looking for. Of course, is also a good resource but I hear you saying that you don't understand all of the ins and outs of project management. The information available on the PMI site is really more geared to the project management proffessional and may be confusing.

The best of luck to you!

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thanks a lot my friend,, but just one thing plz

by mostafa_ali_2002 In reply to I think I get what you ar ...

hello all people here,, I need website provides me by free templates "microsoft project 2003" about web design,,

with my pleasures to all people here and my respects to tinggerTwo

good luck to all

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Have yo utried

by Tig2 In reply to I think I get what you ar ... for a comprehensive list of their downloads? They may have what you are looking for.

I aplogise- what it appears yo are looking for takes many months to develop. All I can do is try to point you where I go,

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Ok, maybe it has been a while since I did SDLC

by j.lupo In reply to Information about my Ask

but what happened to deployment? did it get mixed with implementation? Maintenance comes after deployment. Also, SDLC is one methodology for the software development life-cycle. Project management has many different methodologies that could apply
Six Sigma

and so on.

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Plz tomorrow my exam

by mostafa_ali_2002 In reply to Ok, maybe it has been a w ...

tomorrow my exam, Prof. give me 1 day only ,, to finesh my project ,plz help me please

all templates in Microsoft site not enough to web design,, i need template about web design( please following my link and see a pic )

i need one template "MS Project 2003" like this in pic ,, about web design include " SDLC "

realy i can't say anything for all people here
just thanks to all people wants help me
with my pleasures for all persons and this site too.

Mostafa Ali

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