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I need to be relevant

By Afeez ·
I recently got employed in a telecoms firm as a customer service consultant. Although this is fine now, I know that in about six months time, I would want to be more relevant to the company. I want a position that would make me less expendable as I really want to pursue a career in telecoms. What programmes do I need to undertake that would help in my cause?

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First things first

by JamesRL In reply to I need to be relevant

First, become good at your current job. I have encountered quite a few people who take an entry level job to get a foot in the door and immediately apply for every position going before having established themsleves as proficient in their current role. Thats the kiss of death - you have to get a good track record.

But that doesn't mean there is nothing you can do - seek to understand the broader business as well as your own role. Once you do that, you may have the opportunity to show that knoweldge. Volunteer for committees, get to know people outside of your workgroup. People will notice when you take an interest. Build up contacts with other internal groups.

There are no guarentees - when company's downsize, often times there is no getting around it. It isn't always a matter of how good an employee you are, but what function you do. But do a good job at your current role, build for the future, and you might make things easier.


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Point noted!

by Afeez In reply to First things first

Thank you! I totally recognise the fact that excellence is a habit and I will apply this in every position I hold. There can't be a better advice. I'll heed it!

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Get an MCSE

by DC_GUY In reply to I need to be relevant

An MCSE will open doors for you. It's not easy to get -- I don't have one, just a university degree -- so those who have them are an exalted lot.

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I'll trade ya my MCSE

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Get an MCSE

for your university degree....any day....providing it is legit (probably is buy you never know?!)

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by TomSal In reply to Get an MCSE

LOL..good one DC_Guy!

God to think one day long ago the MCSE was so much more valued, until the training schools started the MCSE recruiting blitz with false ads claiming "Get your MCSE and you'll earn $50,000, $60,000 even $70,000 per year!!". Yeah ok.

Now MCSEs are a dime a dozen, I'd say fully 50-60% of all MCSE turned out by the schools in the last 2 years are no experience, paper only folks.

Makes me want to shoot a goat, thinking that I actually worked as a windows admin for years before I even studied to write the MCSE test!

Oh well..

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I worked in telecom for years

by Oz_Media In reply to I need to be relevant

I have seen so many aspects of telecom that your question is really too generalized to offer an accurate opinion of.

Telecom consists of SO many different fields and all are specialized.

An MCSE, really they are a dime a dozenand not so many jobs even require MCSE anymore as people realize that it is no longer needed to succeed, EPSECIALLY in telecom. Most telecom companies I've seen wouldn't use MS systems anyway, Sprint, AT&T, Local telco's across Canada (former Stentor Group) all use Unix and Novell based networks, not MS.

Depending on who you work for, seek specialized 'proprietary training', such as Nortel Networks IP configuration, Latency specialization etc. Telecom certs are not universal nor relevant with other products, you need manufacturer certification.

I'd sit down with the boss (not department manager) and talk about your desire and the path you want to follow. find out what certs are needed, what opportunities MAY become available etc.

Just don't spend time on general IT certs, MCSE,CNE,CCNA etc. unless relevant to your job, they will be irrelevant to any manufacturers or thier vendors if not specialized.

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Note of thanks!

by Afeez In reply to I worked in telecom for y ...

Your advise has been very much noted. Although I'm yet to resume duties (I'm still wrapping up at my old place!) and I'm very new to the telecoms environmet, I'll keep your words with me all through. Thanks again!

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The best way to advance

by maxwell edison In reply to I need to be relevant

If I read into your messages correctly, I assume that you're just embarking on this journey, hopefully to great heights. I commend your vision, your confidence, and your enthusiasm - all three of which are essential ingredients for real success.

The best way to advance your own career is to help others advance theirs. Help your superiors look good by making their job easier. The better they look and the better they perform, the more they will advance - making room, of course, for someone who's moving up behind them. And help those who come behind you excel in their positions. If you make a career out of training your own replacements, there's nowhere for you to go but up.

Best of luck to you.

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