I need to care deleted files for 15 days of large size and volume

By shuja52 ·
One of my client has photo lab, his problem is that his PC operator is customized user, customer come with Flash Drive/Cam Cards/CDs, they make copy in there HDD, print them and deleted.
Now they want this deleted jpg files to be transferred in a second hard disk (80 GB attached as slave), when deleted and not in recycle bin
What registry entry/editing is required to this the job?

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There's not really a way to do this

by NickNielsen In reply to I need to care deleted fi ...

If a user deletes a file, it is usually sent to the Recycle Bin. I'm not aware of a means of changing the location of the recycle bin, although it may be possible.

Can the client simply move the files to the second drive rather than deleting them?

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Offcourse there may be a way

by shuja52 In reply to There's not really a way ...

It is why I have asked a question. If by deleting it moves to recycle bin, off course some changes moves it to another partition.

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No hack for this

by NickNielsen In reply to Offcourse there may be a ...

The recycle bin is resident on each drive and there is no way to change it. The client is going to have to learn to move files.

Or you are going to have to provide an application titled "Delete" that moves the files for the client.

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Well how much do they want to spend?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I need to care deleted fi ...

How long can they afford to be without the computer or at the very least the HDD in it?

There is No Registry Hack for this and it's beyond belief that everyone seems to think that just changing the Registry will cure all their problems as it's impossible to do.

What is required here is a Data Recovery Program and no use on the computer since the files have been deleted, as the more that the unit is used the greater the chance of overwriting the files are. The moment that the files or even part of them are over written this requires Forensic Data Recovery work and lots of time and effort so that will mean lost production time.

If they have just been deleted, and the computer not used since something like Davory should be able to recover the deleted files easily a description and trial version are available here

But the HDD has to be removed and installed into a USB Caddy and only used to read from as the data has to be lifted off this drive and there has to be no chance of any overwriting of files so the Data Recovery Program and every saved File are copied to a different drive on a different computer.

However if some of the files have been overwritten you need to go to a Forensic Data Recovery method and just a basic description of this is listed here that doesn't involve masses of work

If the Files have been entirely over written they are still possible to recover but the HDD has to be pulled from the computer and sent in for Full Forensic Recovery which involved dismantling the HDD removing the Platters in a Class 1 Clean Room coating them with a green goo and when they are dry they are placed into a special machine and every layer of data that has ever been written to this HDD can be recovered. Should cost somewhere around the .5 Million Pounds UK to perform properly and of course you'll have to add the cost of a replacement HDD and your labour in Cloning the drive over and fitting the new drive while the old one gets sent away.

This is very important to send away the old drive as it is not possible to recover the data off the new drive that has been cloned so you don't want to waste all that money for nothing. You'll have to add in the cost of shipping as well but the costs of shipping and a new HDD are nothing in comparison to the costs of recovering the data.

It may be possible not to totally destroy the HDD if it hasn't been used much, and it may even be possible to retrieve the data off the drive while it's intact but even this is going to be at least 900 Pounds for the Quote and the several thousand Pounds with the cost of the quote deducted from the total job. Should work on about 45 Thousand to be on the safe side it could come in as cheaply as 9K or as much as 50K but this depends on how much it's been used and how much data has been copied over the deleted files that are needed and most importantly how good the Data Recovery House is.


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Sorry U have misunderstood my question

by shuja52 In reply to Well how much do they wan ...

Client have not deleted files accidently, the onw of her employee who use Phostoshop only knows deletion fo files and very difficult to explain him for moving files elswhere for storage say g drive, the client want to set a setting such that instead of files moving to recycle bin transferred to G: drive a backup hdd.

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Moving files to the Recycle Bin doesn't

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sorry U have misunderstoo ...

Actually move the files at all just the MBR Location or as some people like to envision it the Map of the HDD and once the Root Data in the MBR no longer exists it's then possible to overwrite the existing data on the drive which in this case are the photo files that are needed to be copied to the Backup Drive.

As they are using Photoshop why not use the Copy Command which will allow the coping of Files to the Backup Drive but have no effect on the actual files and they can be deleted as required at the end of the print run.

Of course at some stage someone's going to have to go into the Backup drive and delete any old files to make room for new files.

If you change the Registry to move files from the Recycle Bin to the G Drive as you say every time that you delete a file the Records Not the Actual Files will be moved to the G Drive with no way of deleting it when it's necessary as the Recycle Bin no longer exists the Map data is just copied to the G Drive with no way of deleting it when that drives becomes full.

Even the Biggest available Drive Compressed which is currently 750 GIG is very quickly going to run out of space in a situation like this and then your only option would be to format the G Drive and loose everything not just a few days worth of Files. But on the up side you would only be deleting garbage as the Map Information couldn't cause the Files to be brought back as by this time they will have been over written and you'll get Major System Errors cropping up which may kill off the system as well.

If you mess with the Registry and cause all deleted files to be copied to the G Drive and not the Recycle Bin there will be no way of ever deleting a file ever again. It's much better to get the operator to use the software Package properly or even copy the file to the Backup Drive rather than run the risk of destroying the Windows Install and causing unnecessary Downtime which isn't easily fixed and expensive for the business in lost production.

It's much cheaper to Educate than mess with the working system and cause a lot of lost production time on a regular basis as once the backup drive is full you will be unable to delete anything and even the attempt will cause another copy to be made to the G Drive. But the biggest problem will be that eventually the attempt to delete a file will cause an error to appear telling the operator that there isn't enough space left on the drive to delete this data.


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