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I need to connect to clients

By mmbc_voltron ·
How or what is the best method to connect to clients computers so i can repair them. I have server2k and a 2k workstation. Most of my clients are XP. If i setup VPN will i be able to connect to my clients or is that for them to connect to me to access my server?

What are the easiest solutions so that i can tell my users over the phone what they need to do to allow me to connect?

I tried downloading ultraVNC but i don't think i want my clients to have to install the server and and run it as a service.

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by brudab In reply to I need to connect to clie ...

It depends on the additional functionality you require besides simply connecting to them.

VPN: You would be able to connect to your clients' pcs using Remote Desktop Connection as long as their already switched on. However, RDC will log off the client and lock the machine while you work.

There are other third party solutions e.g. Logmein, Webex, GotoMyPC and others.
I like logmein because of their free version that allows me to do remote control. Did I mention that it's free?

Webex has different offerings, each with a 2 week trial. Each has it's own focus e.g. you can do presentations on your machine and share it with clients OR you can remotely control a client's machine + even initiate a connection without client action and so on..

Gotomypc: Havent used it, but what I gather is that it also allows remote control and file transfers etc..

These 3rd party solutions require the client to download and install an applet to allow the connection, which is encrypted with at least 128 bits.

They're good, but none is exactly the same.. all depends on what specifics u need.

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by TechyDude In reply to I need to connect to clie ...

it depends if you want "remote control software", so that your client can see what you're doing, or just access to your client's computer to maintain/fix/troubleshoot it.

The suggestions above are perfect for remote control, and I agree that logmein has been my personal favorite, small footprint, works flawlessly and allows you to log off a profile and log back in with a different one while connected through the same session. short of actually pushing the powerbutton to turn the machine on, logmein does everything.

One other solution that wasn't mentioned is actually a VPN solution, it's called hamachi (
at its essence, you end up create a LAN with all your clients within your VPN network, from there, you can access shared folder via UPN mappings, access server services and whatnot anywhere, without having to punch holes in your firewall, and securely use RDP, or any other remote control solution for extra security.

The information on the hamachi website explain it very clearly, and I can promise you that this is the simplest VPN solution you and your customers will ever use.

hope this helps.

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