i need to do sharing and lan gaming between pcs on 2 different routers...

By whuazzup ·
i have 2 routers:

1 is a modem/router, sagem livebox 7359 -
router ip:
subnet mask:
it has a computer A attached to it.

The 2nd router is d-link dir-655
router ip:
subnet mask:
It has computer B attached to it

I want to do file sharing and gaming between computers A and B.

I think i need to setup routing to be able to achieve that.

so far i have tried to setup routing on Sagem as follows:
destination ip:
gateway ip:
subnet mask:

I tried to ping machine B from machine A and it did not work

As for ping from machine B to machine A, it has always worked without any setup whatsoever.

Please assist in resolving this issue.
Thanks in advance..

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a few questions

by .Martin. In reply to i need to do sharing and ...

-only computer A and computer B are being connected?
-why two routers?
-how are you going to connect the routers? (wireless or wired?)

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reply to martin

by whuazzup In reply to a few questions

thanks for your prompt reply.

The Sagem Modem/Router has 2 LAN ports. On 1 port there is machine A. On the second port there is a LAN cable that goes to the D-Link router.

From the D-link router I distribute connection to 4 machines, including machine B, via LAN cables.

Only problem is that i cannot do sharing between Sagem router's network and D-Link router's network. Any ideas how can i configure the routers to be able to achieve this?...

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Personally, I would put A and B on one router

by jfuller05 In reply to i need to do sharing and ...

Usually any router will at least have 4 or 5 ports. So you could connect your dsl/cable modem to the router along with both computers A and B.

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reply to jfuller05

by whuazzup In reply to Personally, I would put A ...

jfuller05, all ports on both routers are in use, and besides, location and space constraints do not allow me to move computer A in the second router's network or vice-versa...

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Your problem is

by tintoman In reply to i need to do sharing and ...

that you have 2 different networks in use here, for example one is on the network address the other is on
So the answer is to configure your D-Link router as a network switch or access point. In other works disable the DHCP server service on that one and let it get the DHCP service from the Sagem router.
That way all the computers on the network can "see" each other.
You will also have to configure each computer to have the same workgroup name.

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reply to tintoman

by whuazzup In reply to Your problem is

tintoman, i would like to do sharing between the 2 different networks. i know it is possible with routing, but i don't know how to go about and configure the devices to do that...

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try this

by .Martin. In reply to reply to tintoman

try this, please note names may vary as I am going off my Netgear router.

on the D-Link router.
under WAN setup:
-Disable SPI Firewall
-Disable (or choose open) NAT firewall
under LAN setup:
-Turn off 'use Router as DHCP Server'

if that does not work (I have a feeling it won't as the WAN port usually won't work as a switch port) you could try configuring (again on the D-link) under Port Forwarding ports 137-139 (both TCP/UDP) to computer B.

if both those don't work, you can replace the D-link router with a 5-port switch

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