I need to Find The Microsoft Office 2003 key

I am running Microsoft XP Home edition. I am trying to open Microsoft Office 2003 It says to put in the license number . I used Belarc Advisor and other key finders but it never tells me the key for Microsoft office 2003. Please Help!!!!!

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Is it

by IC-IT In reply to I need to Find The Micros ...

The trial version?
You will need a retail or OEM version.
If you have one of those installed then Belarc (or Aida32) would reflect the key.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to I need to Find The Micros ...


Expand software then licenses

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No Key

by Who Am I Really In reply to I need to Find The Micros ...

Key finder Software won't show any key that hasn't been keyed into the system yet,
because unless the key has been typed in it won't be in the registry which is where the key finder programs look;

if this was a purchased DL From MS then you should have either received a text file with the key in it or the key will be included in an email with the purchase receipt;

if this is an install from CD the COA key is in or on the packaging; (it looks like an over sized windows COA sticker);

if it's the Trial as noted before then you need to purchase the product to get the key;
The current problem is that MS is selling Office 2007 and won't sell an Office 2003 DL, or CD set.

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