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I need to know how to reformate my comp

By proud_2_b_lesbian ·
I need a little help here I have everything I need to go from Windows 2000 to Windows 98. I need someone to send me step by step instructions on what to do after u get all ur drivers and are ready to insert the 98 disk. maybe even the reformating book for dummies that is me hehe. Thanks


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by TheChas In reply to I need to know how to ref ...

1. Back up ALL critical files and settings.
Make sure that you can re-create all network, internet and mail account settings.

2. Enter BIOS setup, and change the boot sequence to boot from CD.
Insert the W2K CD in your drive, and Verify that you can boot from the W2K CD.

If you cannot boot from the CD, boot into Windows and run the utility on the W2K CD to create the startup floppy.

3. Boot from a W98 startup disk.
To TOTALLY wipe your hard drive,
at the DOS prompt, run
fdisk /mbr
Then, run fdisk
follow the prompts to delete your primary DOS partition.

Exit fdisk and shut down the PC.

4. Boot from the W2K CD.
Install Windows 2000.
When prompted, set up the hard drive as desired.


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by TheChas In reply to

Received your message.

While the memory is counting up at the start of the boot process, press Del or whatever key is correct to enter BIOS setup.

Find the screen in BIOS setup that sets the boot device and order.

Change settings as needed so that:
CD-ROM is the first boot device.
Floppy is the second.
Hard drive (C:) is the third.

If you need a W98 startup floppy, you can create 1 from Add/Remove Programs on any PC running W98.


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by proud_2_b_lesbian In reply to I need to know how to ref ...

ok I got all that thank you I just need now to know how to change my BIOS set up and boot sequence. Oce I know how to do this I am on my way. Thank you again

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