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I need to learn windows domain management and fast !

By idontknow ·
I have been placed in the awkward position of administering a Windows network with about 100 users and 7 servers. I am a Cisco guy 1st off and have to learn as much as i can as fast as I can. I know some basics and lucky for me that the network is in good shape and everything has ran smoothly for quite a while. Instead of reading large books with tons of info that i may never use I am wondering what I should concentrate on 1st. The Domain controller is on an nt4 box BTW... User permissions and policies I understand. Creating new users I know as well. What I am wanting to do is to have the ability to shoot software (windows updates or whatever I like) to the client desktops. Also I would love to be able to schedule tasks for all of the client machines that would be automated on the weekends such as disk defrag, temp files cleared and then have them all shut down when finished. I have heard of things like this but have no clue where to look or what to do to even get started. Most clients are on windows 2000 with a few XP pros and couple nt4 boxes (not for long!) if that helps. Thanks for any input and wish me luck. Im gonna need it !

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Learn Group Policies

by napolitano In reply to I need to learn windows d ...

I can tell you that a big piece of the puzzle is understanding GP. It allows you to do many of the things that you are trying to accomplish. It also allows you to push-out software with settings to users' desktops. The last GP I applied was to prevent users from accessing Games(solitare) on their systems. The uses are endless, but there's a lot to learn. Enjoy!

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Windows NT Mgt

by CG IT In reply to I need to learn windows d ...

Not easy task as learning admin of a Windows based network does require a knowledge of how the bloody thing works. No use learning NT if your going to W2K or W2003 though W2003 is different than W2K. The GUI alone is enough to confuse a W2K admin. Its said W2003 is easier to learn because most stuff is done via Wizards but the 1st test pass rate of W2K admins to W2003 admins is around 75 to 80%. So much for easier.

For patch mgt, learn Windows Update Service and/or Systems Mgt Server. WUS replaces Software update Service and is between applying patches and service packs individually and using something like Systems Mgt Server.

study up on DNS and Active Directory. If anything understand Windows based domains and Active Directory.

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Mark Minasi's book's are very good..

by Matthew Moran In reply to I need to learn windows d ...

Mastering Windows ___ server by Mark Minasi is a standard. He does a great job of pragmatic info.

Matthew Moran
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