i need to make a "forwarder" for my exchange server

By net-guru ·
First o all ,I'm newbie in exchange 2003 stuff...

I'm in an IT company ...which has an exchange server 2003... we need to make an "forwarder" so that we can send two emails in the same time. one to the internal staff and the other is for the customer. Both addresses would be in the same email in outlook 2003

I need help ASAP...So any help I would be grateful

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by Choppit In reply to i need to make a "forward ...

Not sure I follow. What's the issue with using CC or BCC?

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More explanation

by net-guru In reply to CC/BCC

Frist, Thanks for your reply.

I meant that The external email (which is for the customer )doesn't go out but the internal one delivered.

So I think "just a thought you are the expert " we need to do (( something to our exchange))to send the external email to another "mail server" or another public account so that the email would be send

I hope this will help

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SMTP Mail Connector

by Choppit In reply to More explanation

So maybe the Exchange SMTP Mail Connector is what you're looking for?

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little change in my problem

by net-guru In reply to SMTP Mail Connector

Thanks man,I really appreciate your support.
I didn't try your link...but I will put the real problem because I didn't understand it till now :
we have a local domain "lets say OurCom.local" and global one""...we don't have public IP and we don't host our global one.
my boos has 2 accounts ...the first one is "myboss@ourCom.local" which is a SMTP account...and the other one is"" which is a pop3 account.

now, he will try to send an email to his customer and his employee, in the same time with outlook 2003,so he will use his local account to send it.The local one pass but the "" don't pass.
The solutions would be like this:
1- maybe your link will help...I don't you, you are the man here.
2- configure our exchange, so that it looks at the address bar...If it is ""@ourcom.local"" then use the local account...if not then use my pop3 account.
3- put a rule in our exchange to "Route" our SMTP emails to "a global or ISP" domain so that in his turn, pass it to the exact address.

really appreciate your time ...and hope that you get the point here.

waiting your opinion...

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