I need to migrate terminal server profiles from one server to another both

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I am installing a new terminal server but I am having issues with migrating the user profiles from the old server to the new one how can I do this without having to log into each profile or adjusting the users thru active directory individually?

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Depending on how you're setup

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to I need to migrate termina ...

It could be just as easy as going to the PROFILES under SYSTEM PROPERTIES, and selecting the profiles you want to move, and selecting COPY.

Enter in the new location (presumably, on the new server), and you should be set.

Be warned, you can only do one at a time this way. So, if you have a lot of users on the server, I'd recommend the next option.

The second option is to restore the user profiles from a backup job to the destination server. The more users you're dealing with, the more time you'll save with this approach.

Best of luck!

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by itmanagement In reply to Depending on how you're s ...

You could probably use XCOPY with the following syntax and copy the profiles from one server to another with security intact.

The syntax would be:
xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\" "\\New-TermServ\c$\Documents and Settings\" /c /y /r /h /s /f /o

The /o signifies copies NTFS perms and ownership information.

Users cannot be logged on to either server when you do this else the ntuser.dat (the user's registry hive) will be open and won't copy. You would be wise to reboot the server before you do it as well because it will ensure that the profile is unloaded completely first.

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