I need to setup a Multinet on the lan side of a router I do not control

By itguyjc ·
I am in a unique position of having to increase my network size behind a router I do not control. It is controlled out of our home office in Korea. IT also has a VPN setup in it for our other America facilities. The IT staff in Korea says it will not allow more than one subnet on the lan side. Our network is growing to the point I will need to add additional subnets. I need to setup another router with NAT behind it that supports additional subnets on the LAN side. Does anyone know a good router that will support multiple subnets on the LAN side? I was thinking of getting a Cisco ASA 5510. Will this work for what I am describing? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Sounds like a sticky wicket!

by Toolman5774 In reply to I need to setup a Multine ...

Foreign control of your LAN is always fun! If it can possibly be avoided, I would do so to avoid setting up a NAT behind a NAT. I've just had bad experiences in the past. Besides, when you place another router behind the managed router, they will have to configure it to forward all traffic to your new one anyways, right? Or are you just going to let the new router obtain a DHCP lease on its outside int, then pass a new subnet onto the inside int? Anyways, even doing that, you would be bound to run into some problems over the tunnel if there is any interactivity with AD, DB's, or *gulp* VoIP I would think. Just food for thought, sorry I don't have a real answer for you!

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